Yive 4.0 Lifetime ltd – Yive 4.0 Review Bonus Review

Yive 4.0 Lifetime Stacker Views Lifetime ltd - Yive 4.0 Review Bonus Stacker Views Review

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Yive 4.0 Lifetime ltd – Yive 4.0 Review Bonus  Review

? Yive 4.0 Lifetime Review & Bonus Series ?
Made $2259 in Two Weeks with Yive 4.0: https://youtu.be/OqBUcEhlgKE
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Yive 4.0 Lifetime LTD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnNQb4F7jQg

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Yive 4.0 review and massive bonus yai 4.0 is getting ready to launch with a bunch of new additions to the video platform. So if you go to yiveapp.com, you can go ahead and check out the new platform launching tomorrow. And if you decide to get it through my link, I will give you an entire video course on how to use the entire system of yive as well. As I will give you a 30 day free trial of my youtube ranking extension, pcs, tube growth. It replaces jarvis conversion, ai tube, rank g4 video marketing, blaster vidley content, gorilla pro, vid, curate, alpha tubebuddy, vid iq.

Quick link, convert and youtube screenshot pro. First of all, if you saw this video on the first page of youtube or google rate and you want to know how I did that check my course below and I show you step by step everything I do in every video campaign so that I can get top rankings. Now let’s dive into the content. So if you click the link below and take advantage of yai 4.0 with my link, you’ll get a 30-day free trial, 30 pcs2 growth. And the course on how to use yive 4.0 inside all right.

So here is the sales page that you’re going to see when you start, you’ll be able to start at 47 a month and it goes up to 297 depending on what you want to do. But it allows you to make mass videos. It allows you to amazon videos. Car, dealer, videos, all sorts of stuff. So as you see here, it’s getting ready to open tomorrow. And it shows you all of the things that you can get and the difference between the tier. So inside of yai 4.0, you’re able to do mass videos for amazon by a keyword by a specific url by using your own video.

Or by using multiple urls. You’r’e also able to get in there and mix up different pieces of video and audio. You’r’e able to do spin tax videos, auto dealer videos with autotrader.com and videos created from an rss feed, which is great for client work. You also when you’re doing your math, videos are allowed to have buckets so that you can have buckets of thumbnails. You can have buckets of video clips or audio clips. So you are able to have buckets to make sure that things are randomized and personalized. When you’re doing mass videos, also you have the ability to do , which is ctr manipulation views where it searches for a specific title or keyword, it watches your video from 85 to 99 percent.

It will randomly like the video share the video and subscribe to your channel. You also have the ability to have a single video creator very much. This is a great vietnamese- wave alternative pictory alternative. So you’re able to have all the features of yive, but you’re able to make videos for youtube. Make videos for facebook, make videos for instagram and tick- tock. So it has all of the video sizes for all of social media. And this has a flow just like the nami. It is also incorporated and integrated with synlab and bitly amazon s3. So you can archive your videos and download them if you want.

It also has an integration with twilio so that when the youtube account when the video account creator is updated, you’ll be able to verify those accounts with twilio numbers. It also has integration with article forge so that you can go ahead and write articles for your scripts and it has an integration with stream machine. Now stream machine it is a hosting service very much like youtube. But the great thing is like when you want to share, you can actually share on 180 different platforms. You can embed it in multiple sizes so that you can put it on blog posts and other things like that.

It also has a link short for a short link for the video. And it also has a seo version that will have the title of the video in there. And you’ll also be able to uh- sign in and email. This out to other people as well. So it’s a whole marketing platform inside of it. You will be able to have uh- customizable cta buttons. You’ll be able to have opt-in forms. You’ll be able to also connect the channel to facebook twitter, and linkedin for automatic posting on facebook, twitter and linkedin. So when you create your videos and your content, you can automatically syndicate it out with the built-in integration that it has.

It’s also built in integration with zapier so that you can send it out to any of your email platforms or any other app that supports zapier. And it has tons and tons of marketing features as well. So like I said, this is yive 4.0, it will be opening up tomorrow. You can check it out at yive app.com. And if you want to click on my link, you will be able to get a 30 day free trial of pcs, tube growth. This is how I rank all of my authority videos. And i’m making thousands of dollars in recurring income from being able to rank these videos and get affiliate commissions from the products that I promote.

You will also get access to my full yive 4.0 training series to show you how to use all of these features and everything inside of yive. So make sure that you smack that thumbs up. Pick it up if you need. And if you like this video, uh, leave a comment on if you’ve used it before or what feature you’re most excited about using when it launches



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