Streamyard Review – Streamyard Bonus – Why I decided to Choose Stream Yard Pro Plan

Streamyard Review -  Streamyard Bonus - Why I decided to Choose Stream Yard Pro Plan

Streamyard Review – Streamyard Bonus – Why I decided to Choose Stream Yard Pro Plan
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⏰ Streamyard Review Key Moments ⏰
00:00:00 – Streamyard Review Bonus
00:00:39 – Streamyard Bonus Offer
00:01:40 – Streamyard Multistreaming Setup
00:02:35 – Streamyard Pricing Review
00:03:35 – Streamyard Shorts Reels Streaming
00:04:35 – Streamyard Studio Setup
00:05:40 – Streamyard Custom Scene Pro OBS Layouts
00:07:11 – Streamyard Guests Quick Setup
00:08:11 – Streamyard Review Bonus Conclusion

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Streamyard Review – Streamyard Bonus
Streamyard Review VS eVmux Review

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Streamyard is a live streaming platform that makes it easy for anyone to stream live from anywhere. In this video, we demonstrate how to use streamyard. This is a very straight-forward livestreaming tutorial video. We show you how to use streamyard, which is a wide range of live video streaming tools. Streamyard also allows for multistreaming. Streamyard allows you to share your channel across all of your social media accounts. Streamyard discount is available. Passivecashstacker can be used with streamyard. Hopefully you enjoy the livestreaming tips and tricks we have in this video. Streamyard is the only streaming software you need. Enjoy this video on Streamyard bonus, and don’t forget to check out Streamyard discount and Passivecashstacker. Passivecashstacker tutorial videos are hard to find nowadays, so enjoy them while you can.

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Thank you for joining us here for our streamyard review video. Stream yard is a streaming app for iOS, with some features that the other streaming apps don’t offer. Stream yard review will give you an inside look at what is offered in this stream. Stream yard .apk is a fully functional stream app in one file. Stream yard revie will give you an overview of all the tools that you get inside of stream yard. This video will provide you with a full stream yard tutorial video. It is probable that you have searched for other stream yard review videos, but the search was not fruitful. In this streamyard review, we will show you two of the many cool stream yard features. In this streamyard bonus, we will show you the best streaming sites that you can join with stream yard. Stream yard app is a revolutionary ios streaming app, for those times when you want to stream live. Stream yard revie will help you determine if stream yard is right for you. We hope you enjoy this live stream yard review video that we have prepared. We wish you best of luck in your podcast stream endeavors!

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Hey this is Daniel the passive cash Stacker and today I'm going to do an Honest stream yard review and tell you Why I chose this platform you might have Seen my other video stream yard versus EV mux but if you haven't check it out Up here I'll have it up above but I'll Tell you what I was blown away I thought That the newcomer was much better but I Got in I tested them both side by side And I was blown away so let me go ahead And show you all of the things that are Inside stream yard why I love them and You will have the opportunity to also Get an awesome bonus if you decide to Pick it up the pro version through my Link you will get an amazing bonus you Won't find anywhere else because I'm the Creator of the app and the course If you pick up the Pro Plan these Softwares then I will be able to give You my YouTube ranking mini course that Shows you how to a seven times your Rankings and seven minutes or less I Sell this every day for 17.50 I will get You this for 50 cents and also my YouTube ranking extension that helps you Rank faster with AI 30 times faster has All sorts of wonderful things built in I Charge 47.77 for this every single day It has helped me get numerous Commissions on numerous different Platforms and rank thousands I will give You two months for free on this so that

You can try it out for two months and if You decide to keep it after that you Will also get a lifetime discount of 50 Off so instead of paying the 47.77 you Can get it for 23.50 a month so you will Get that lifetime 50 off discount just For picking up these softwares so first Of all getting all set up is super quick And easy you actually just set up your Destinations and you basically just Click add destination you can click any Of these and all you have to do is be Logged in on that dashboard and it Instantly authorizes and what I love is On the competitors evbox and some of the Other ones on Twitter you have to do all Sorts of crazy stuff now with this one Here you just have to be logged in and It automatically sets it up and lets it Go live so on the test for the review Like I said I tried EV mux and I had to Do all sorts of crazy stuff to try to Get it post on Twitter but all I did Inside of stream yard was I clicked this Here I was logged in it instantly set up And it was instantly able to allow me to Do streaming where the other one said I Had to get authorized and I had to Request stuff if I didn't see it in my Dashboard all that kind of stuff so here You go it quickly and easily posts it on There for you which I was super happy With and so you're able to put however Many that you want inside of your

Streaming assets next they do have Several plans to choose from I did Choose the Pro Plan and as I said if you Sign up with the Pro Plan you will be Getting my bonuses absolutely free but What I love on this here is you can Stream up to eight destinations and for Me I like to be able to create one piece Of content and send it out to all of the Social platforms and get my message out There so that they can click on my Affiliate link so that they can Subscribe so that they can grow my Following and grow my audience so what I Loved about this one here is it gave you The extra Camera Plus the eight Destinations and that is really Important because if you're sending it To your Facebook page a Facebook group Your Facebook profile that's three right Then you can send it to a LinkedIn page Or profile so if you have a business Page you can send it there that's five YouTube channel twitch and Twitter That's five six seven eight so those are All of the important places that you Would want to send it and right here if You send it to all different eight Places you have the ability to Drastically grow your reach and get more Opt-ins get more sales get more leads Because you have more lines in the water And that was very important to me so I Love how easy it is to set up you also

Have the ability to set up shorts and Reels Ounce now remember Instagram reels and The Facebook it has to be on Professional accounts that's why right Now I'm building an app that will allow You to post on Tick Tock Instagram and Facebook all on personal profiles where You're getting the most reach but until Then you can post on professional Profiles here through stream yard as Well Now here in the video section these are The ones that you have created so that You have options to trim and repurpose So that you can go ahead and send them Out as shorts you can share it because They allow you to have so much data here So right here recording storage I've got 50 hours of storage so far I've done 22 Minutes so you can actually share a link To it and then people can actually watch It or you can embed it on your site so It's basically like video hosting you Also have the ability to upload a Thumbnail so people see a thumbnail you Can edit the title all that kind of good Stuff so that is really nice also when You go to broadcast it's super easy to Get in to the studio so all you have to Do is set it up once you click enter Studio and then you're going to get your Cameras you can go ahead and select the Cameras that you have and you can go

Ahead and select the microphones that You have oh it's going to go ahead and Read the different ones that are under Your cameras and if you have multiple Cameras you can come up here to the Settings and you can see the different Cameras that you have so right here I've Got two different cameras and then you Can say whether you want it in 1080P 720 480 360. you can also change your audio So you can change your different mics You can also change how these speakers Are coming out and you can put Cancellation of the Echo and Automatically adjust the mic volume so It stays consistent all the way through Your thing I love this and then you Basically put whatever you want the name To be for your particular stream like me I've got 12 YouTube channels one of These is the passive cash stacker and so Every time that you get in here you can Just quickly change your name right you Can change your name super quick and Easy and then you are literally ready to Get in there and start streaming which Is so awesome now what I love here and What a lot of the competitors are Actually talking about is they're not Allowing you to do pro scenes Not able to adjust your stuff they Actually came up with a new layout right Here where you can go ahead and create Your layout as however you want it you

Can put your cameras wherever you want You can put overlays wherever you want So just like using OBS and it's just as Easy as you using EV mux So right here this is one of the Proceeds that I created right here so I Created this Pro screen this is my Screen share wherever I'm going to be Able to share my screen and what I love Is over here on the side you can see the Comments as people are commenting you Can add banners or tickers so like right Here we got a Ticker on the bottom so You can add as many tickers or banners As you want on branding you can go ahead And change your bubble scheme super Quick and easy and then you can also say If you want to show the display names or Not you can show headlines or not and Also you can put your own logo if you Wanted to put it up in the corner you Can do overlay so like right here we can Quickly do overlays and make a Professional feel and look just like OBS And we can go ahead and stream without Having to make it complicated you just Click a button and it's there or it's Not and I also love that you're able to Put these video clips in here so whether It's a countdown or right here I made This little clip for the end of our Videos for my sun and eyes gaming Channel so really you can very quickly And easily make a professional looking

Stream and it's very easy now you can Actually create a preset and with the Present you can actually do a video file You can add an extra camera you can do Slides and so this is Google Slides or Slides from your computer PDF stuff like That and you're very quickly and easily Able to invite people so that they can Be on their phone they can be on their Tablet they can be on their laptop and This is another way to incorporate extra Cameras inside your stream so even if You only had the middle plan you can Invite people and those people could be You with your camera with your laptop And that can be an extra View Of whatever you want to look at whether It's a screen share whether it is a Camera like you're seeing here and what I loved is that when you share it in Gmail email or messenger it quickly Walks you through how to do it so when You're on your phone if you're a Messenger it says hey you need to be in The browser you click the browser and it Will allow you to get in the browser Very quickly and it will allow you to Start streaming like literally 20 Seconds and it'll allow you to start Streaming where I tried EV mux and it Took me about two hours to try to figure It out and only two out of the six times That I tried to do it it worked this is Actually really nice this was the leader

In the industry for years a lot of Competitors have tried to come up and Overtake them but I have really enjoyed This so far and I chose this over Evie Mux because it is now super duper user Friendly and it it allows you to work Just OBS without being complicated so Now you don't have to learn all of the OBS stuff that you want and you can Literally use this with your stream deck You can literally have overlays where They have transparent backgrounds with No dancing or excitement or you having All kinds of fun while you were on the Stream and making it look professional While you're doing it I love the options That it has it makes it super easy and Their training that they have on their Channel is Bar None the best that I've Seen they have tons and tons of in-depth Videos and they also have weekly live Calls where you can actually ask Questions live and they will actually Demo it and show you how to do it while You are having it set up and you can Actually follow along and it's very Simple like I said if you want to go Ahead and take advantage of this Pro Plan you will have the ability to get The free bonuses that I have offered Where you'll get my course for 50 cents Instead of 17.50 you'll get a lifetime 50 off discount on my YouTube ranking Extension and you'll get two months for

Free just for opting into the Pro Plan And like I said if you have any Questions please let me know and leave a Comment down below that you are ready For bonuses or that this review was Helpful I'll talk to you later thank you So much

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