ShortsAI Review Bonus Demo – ShortsAI Bonus – Shorts AI Training

ShortsAI Review Bonus Demo - ShortsAI Bonus - Shorts AI Training

ShortsAI Review Bonus Demo – ShortsAI Bonus – Shorts AI Training


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ShortsAI Review Bonus Demo

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Thank you for joining in on the exercises from the best ShortsAI review training video. In this ShortsAI review, we will show you how to uncover automatic video creation eking hidden shortcuts. If you use an application like ShortsAI, you can finally start using the power of video creation to your advantage.

If you don’t know how to make short automated videos, then you have been wasting time and money. Inside this ShortsAI review training, we will show you exactly how to use automated video generation to produce some highly engaging content. Most people think they can only make short videos, but this is absolutely false. Most people think there is nothing that could be done to make longer videos, but watch our shorts and ai review video and you will see them how wrong they are.

Thank you for stopping by today to check out this full-length ShortsAI review with our lovely demo. ShortsAI is your opportunity to create custom 15-second videos automatically. But, many have been asking, is this just a ShortsAI demo? you consider it to be a ShortsAI tutorial. This demonstration is to show you inside of ShortsAI and also how to drive tons of web traffic.

So, to drive tons of traffic to your website, you will need short powerful videos. Watch this video tutorial to see just how easy it is to create 15-second videos with the power apps inside ShortsAI. This ShortsAI training is one of our favorites that we shot until now.

When you click on any of the links provided above I may receive a small commission for recommending the item on the other end of the link. All products that I recommend, I do so on my own behalf without prompting from any manufacturer, company or retailer. If I recommend a product it is because I believe in what that product can do or be. All videos and content where recommendations are posted are for educational purposes only. You must do your due diligence and research when investing in a product for yourself or spending any type of capital.

Daniel the passive cash stacker and Today we are going to jump into shorts AI we're going to look at this this is a Shorts AI review and the demo shorts AI Bonus so uh first of all I'm going to Tell you about my bonus if you decide to Get it through my link down below so of Course you will be able to get the Vendor bonuses the social traffic Automation app the 2000 YouTube Marketing guide the Instagram automation Marketing tool and the videos Application with animated backgrounds Timers redirects retargeting and what is What you get editing but also I'm going To give you an exclusive bonus that I Created on how to create uh canva shorts So you can be able to create shorts Video with canva as well as being able To create video shorts with Victory so I'm going to go ahead and include these Two videos that have been seen nowhere Else they're not on my channel this is a Special bonus training for you And I'm also going to include some of The shorts covers that I have been using For some of my reels where I am voting High ticket affiliate marketing products So you will have my whole Set of real covers then I will go ahead And include for you as well as some Canva real templates that you will be Able to use to be able to edit yourself And create your own real templates and

The reason we have the stuff here in the Center is this is where people first Look when they are scrolling through so You will be able to have these editable Real templates that you can use yourself To create overlays for your reels Plus I'm going to go ahead and get you Access to a high ticket free course Thousand dollar free course on how to be Able to make high ticket recurring Affiliate commissions every single month All right so there's two ways to be able To dive into shorts AI shorts AI is a Program that is going to allow you to Create scripts for your short videos on Your phone or on your desktop and it is AI based so you can actually have it Automatically done here through the Through the app itself and then in app Itself you can actually see the Background of it which is chat GPT it Gives you the ability to automatically Have it inside your app and you have the Ability to also have a video Teleprompter so as you are watching your Camera you can go ahead and create your Short videos with the teleprompter Itself so let me show you the offer the Different otos that they have inside and Then you can see a short demo of what is Inside because if you enjoy this you can Click the link below and claim my Bonuses if you're going to buy it you're Going to buy it regardless but you might

As well get some really good high Quality bonuses and not that plr crap That everyone else is getting right now You can either get a bundle they had a Webinar and you can get the bundle that Actually has all the otos included for a Huge steep discount plus you actually Get an additional program plus a ton of Bonuses with it so if you are interested In this short today this is probably the Best bet or you can go through the Funnel itself so you have the front end Which is the shorts Ai and that's going To give you the ability to do the Generated automatically text for your Script to be able to do it plus the Teleprompter on your phone or your Desktop uh you can go with the elite Which is going to go ahead and have the 50 scripts it's also going to have Additional script writing for your YouTube shorts your Facebook Stories Your Twitter your Instagram your Tick Tock all of that so this is going to be The upgrade number one is going to be Unlimited so then you have unlimited Scripts instead of just the 50 you have Unlimited video storage on the app Itself plus you get unlimited AI words And unlimited video recording now on the Upgrade 2 is the faceless Video Creator This helps you create videos without you Being on the camera showing your face When you're doing the videos upgrade

Three is the agency Business kit they Have a lot of done for you content Inside there and done for you business Website and then this is the additional Platform I was telling you about they Got the power Suite the shorts AI Edition now this has 13 other apps Inside this one here comes with 2 000 Credits on the 13 apps and it allows you To create offer and opt-in Pages it Allows you to create a lot of graphics For your thumbnails or social graphics For Facebook and Instagram so this one Here actually was a launch product all By itself and you're gonna get access to The 13 app inside here plus you're going To get vid Cloud which is going to be 200 gigabytes of storage and it says you Can upload 10 000 videos per month but 200 gigabytes of storage is quite a bit If you're just creating short videos and That integration is actually built in to The app on the desktop or the phone so When you create your shorts videos you Can have them automatically uploaded to Your vid Cloud Pro and it will give you The ability to be able to host your Videos you can also have 10 team members And 25 reseller licenses on the vid Cloud Pro so that's a nice little bonus There plus you get a other host of Bonuses for being able to get the Package for the webinar pack and Currently if you decide to get that

Right now you get all of the bonuses and All of the otos plus the additional App Instead of a thousand bucks you're gonna Be able to get it discounted at 247 That's for all the apps all the bonuses And the additional things plus my Bonuses so it's nice you don't have to Go through the funnel spend a bunch of Time and you save money on the one time All right so here is a quick demo of the App itself okay here are campaigns Listed here you can see they're listed Here with our options change them we're Gonna create a new one by clicking on The plus type in our campaign name Here's our title why short videos are Important for businesses and you click On create campaign Then we're going to type in our idea That the AI will then use to generate Our script and there is our idea sure Videos are important businesses because They're training right now and because People are buying because of shorts and Then we click on Now you see here it also has the option To spin the content so after the content Gets put out if you don't necessarily Like that you can spin it and get a Different variation of it generate AI Script all right in this demo I'm going To show you how to and you see here Where it says launch AI if you want you Can actually click this and it will open

Up chat GPT so that you can go ahead and Do some more fine tuning if you want or Get some other prompts or use it inside Your phone quickly and easily through The app itself as well then we're going To type in our idea to be seen by Potential customers additionally short Videos can be used to explain complex Topics in an easily digestible way and Then we're going to save that campaign Script updated successfully and then we Hop back out back to our campaigns now You see we have our why short videos are Important for businesses at this point We will record our video what it's doing I was loading my camera and you can see On the screen is the script that we just Wrote so then to record that I click on Record Now it's recording it and then I start The script I can adjust the speed of it And I can read it as it's coming through Shortly so now the speed adjustment Option there on the bottom is very Important because a lot of teleprompters That you have when you're using the Teleprompter on the phone or on your Computer they'll go really fast and You're trying to Dart around it doesn't Look really natural and it's a lot Harder to be able to do it so to Instantly be able to adjust your speed On the teleprompter is very nice videos Are also more likely to be shared on

Social media and they're more likely to Be seen by potential customers Additionally short videos can be used to Explain complex topics in easily Digestible way now we're done and one of The cool things is and of course the Teleprompter text does not show on the Actual video that is exported it will Pause when I pause so what I just did There is I would pause for a few seconds Edit that out so when I pause it removes Those pauses I'm gonna pause so I always Pause there for two or three seconds so Then when we come to the editor it will Remove those pauses so we click on Finish so now what it's doing is it's Detecting Silence from the video we can Adjust the middle time with our silence To be as we scroll through here the Silences are pulled out here's that Silence there here's another silence and Here's a long silence towards and this Is also really nice because I actually Pay separately for another program to be Able to take the silences out for it to Be built into the app that's really nice Changes and it'll remove it and give us That Punchy quality video that people Expect with shorts and then we click on Next you remove your unwanted you want Continued export your video yes One of the cool things is it will pause When I pause so what I just did and you Notice that as it took out the the

Pauses it adds like a little bit of a Jump cut and that is really popular on Short video as well as YouTube Tick Tock A lot of people like jump cuts it adds It in there automatically for you It stopped the recording edits that out So when I pause it removes those pauses Let me pause again here let's pause There for two or three seconds so then We'll come into the editor it will Remove those pauses and that's how it Works if you want to publish save it and Campaign video uploaded successfully and Then we can publish so let me connect it To our Facebook YouTube or to another App that's how simple it is now and you See here on the top it's got vid Cloud So that is one of the otos that you can Get or if you get the webinar bundle you Have that built in so you can Automatically save it to vid cloud and That means that you can just very easily Share it to all of your Social platforms And upload it to tick tock or download It to your phone you upload it to Facebook or upload it Instagram or YouTube all of those kind of stuff so You can have it for later or you can Instantly upload it through the app Share it with YouTube click on YouTube Video successfully added to YouTube and Then return back and there we are back At our campaigns now this can be Completely done on the website as well

Using your webcam here I am on the Website for short AI the app is called Ai prompter and click in here to log in With the all right that was a quick demo Of it for the phone version now inside Of the website you come in here and You're able to access all of your Recordings you can go ahead and record You can publish it you can delete it you Also have the ability to go and connect Your stuff whether it's Facebook to YouTube or the vid Cloud you can Download the app if you're accessing This on your phone you can download it Directly to Google Play or the apple and It also has quite a bit of training to Be able to go in there but it's super Simple to use it's pretty efficient so For what it is it is pretty easy to use To just get in there and you can just Figure it out in your phone or on the Desktop being able to use it yeah so Your main access section is going to be The campaigns you get in there and you Can use that you can go ahead and edit The name if you want You can go ahead and edit your script if You want and you can also sort your Entries by 10 25 50 or 100 to go and Find what you've done and you have a Search box here or you can create a new Campaign with the green text so Hopefully this shorts AI review and Bonus demo was helpful if it was Smack

That thumbs up and leave a comment down Below that says it was helpful that will Definitely help me in the algorithm and I would be greatly appreciated now once Again if you want to go ahead and claim My exclusive bonuses where you're going To find nowhere else because I created Them for you make sure you buy with the Link below I will have both links either The bundle link where you can get Everything included plus the Bonus Apps At the one low discounted price or you Can just jump in the front end I'll have The link for that below as well and you Can find what you like inside the funnel Thanks for watching my video thanks for Your support I really appreciate it I'll Talk to you soon

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