Short Video Upload Automation App Demo Sequence Desktop app or Chrome Extension

Short Video Upload Automation App Demo Sequence Desktop app or Chrome Extension

Short Video Upload Automation App Demo Sequence Desktop app or Chrome Extension


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Short Video Upload Automation App Demo Sequence Desktop app or Chrome Extension

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So this is going to be the bulk uploader For the personal profiles on Tick Tock Instagram and personal Facebook profiles This can be done as a Chrome extension Or a desktop application it cannot use The apis from Tick Tock Instagram or Facebook because they do not allow apis For personal profiles we want to be able To freely add additional videos into the Folder and be able to sort them in Between automations and ultimately we'd Like to have it run in the background After they log into their accounts with The verification on the mobile interface So that they can look at it and see the Automations if they want them to see Them running but we preferably would Like to have it running in the Background so they can work on whatever Else they need and it's not going to Affect their Mouse control or anything Else we want it to be able to run in a Background instance so it's not messing Around with what they're doing on there So we want to First make sure that we Can go ahead and upload all of our files Into one folder and then we want them to Be sorted by title and then we want to Be able to move them back and forth Depending on when we want to schedule Them and then what we want to do is we Want it to be able to automatically go Into Tick Tock and we are going to go Ahead and have it do a 15 second video

We're going to go into the folder and Have it select one of our videos after We do the 15 second video we're going to Click next we're going to have the video Here we're going to add a sound we're Going to have it pick one of the top Three recommended tracks we're going to Have it click next you're going to have It put your saved message and hashtags For this application which is Tick Tock After we have it put our message and our Hashtags we're going to have it click Select cover and then on select cover We're going to have it pick one of these First three Vector glitch or tint it can Be randomized we're going to click on That and then we're going to have it Type one of the text that we have in the Message after it takes the selected text That we want then we want to make sure That we take a screenshot of this box so That we can use this as the cover for The other platforms so we take a Screenshot just outside Automatically take a screenshot just Outside So that when it goes on the other Platforms you'll see all of this here in The center and it'll have a little bit Of a buffer space so we'll go ahead and Save that then we'll save it and we'll Post it okay so once it has done the Posting on tick tock Then it will click over to

Our Instagram and it'll go ahead and go To reels and hit the plus button to add From Instagram it will select the video That we just did it'll click add it will Add a sound it will randomly select Between the top four songs that are There it'll click done We'll click next it'll click next again We'll click edit cover and we're going To take the screenshot that we had from The previous step so that we can have Congruency across all it will click the Back button we're going to put our Caption it's going to click add topics And it's going to select the topics that We have selected for me it's going to be Small business entrepreneurship and Teaching methods and then it's going to Click done we're going to make sure that It is recommended on Facebook and we're Going to click share and we're going to Allow that to upload once that's done we Are going to Heart the video we're going To go into the first comment and we're Going to add the first comment which is Going to be our statement and our Hashtags and we're going to post that And then it's going to click heart and Then it will be done once that's done We're going to go to Facebook personal It's going to click on the person icon Here it's going to click on reels it's Going to click on create it's going to Take the same video that we have from

The folder on our desktop we're going to Add audio we're going to add music we're Going to select randomly between the First three that it gives us we're going To click the song we're going to click Next we're going to click the cover Option to upload We're going to add from Gallery we're Going to choose the same one that it Took a screenshot of we're going to Click that we're going to click save in Our description we're going to put our Statement and our hashtags we will have A different message specifically set up For you for Facebook so this will be a Secondary box that will have the message For Facebook and it will have the Message with the hashtags and then we're Also going to post the first comment on The real so we're going to go ahead and Say public we're going to click share Now We're going to wait until it is posted Once the Reel is ready to view we will Click the face icon we will click my Reels we will go into the newest reel We're going to like the real we're going To click on the comment we will have the Same comment that we put on the video But before we will have the link of Wherever we want to send them we're Going to post a comment we're going to Like the comment and then we are going To be done back to the main screen ready

For the next posting sequence and it'll Just run the next video At the specified time posting three per Day in the same sequence over again Tick Tock Instagram Facebook personal profile

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