Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints VS 7 Figure Accelerator Review Back Office Tour

Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints VS 7 Figure Accelerator Review Back Office Tour

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Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints VS 7 Figure Accelerator Review Back Office Tour


⏰ Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints & 7 Figure Accelerator Key Moments ⏰
00:00 Introduction on Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints & 7 Figure Accelerator
00:42 Seven Figure Accelerator and Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints are reviewed
01:00 Bonus offered: Access to the speaker’s Flagship YouTube ranking course
02:33 Bonus offered: 30 days free access to the speaker’s YouTube ranking extension
06:25 Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints Review Back Office
13:06 7 Figure Accelerator Review Back Office
23:30 Conclusion on Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints & 7 Figure Accelerator

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7 Figure Accelerator Review VS Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints
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Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints Review VS 7 Figure Accelerator This is a snippet of today’s show. Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints is a unique training program to help business owners focused on learning in their business and growing their horizon. With your business getting attention, we can help you launch your businesses to new heights. If you are ready to elevate your business to the next level, this training program is for you. If you are interested in 7 Figure Accelerator, take a look at this excelling program. 7 Figure Accelerator is a course that can help you build a business from A to Z.

Please watch the best Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints review video on the internet! This video will show you in detail what all the Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints does. Most especially for what this program will do for your marketing business. If you have been looking for how to join Legendary Marketer, you landed on the right place. Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints Review has been specifically designed to take your business to the next level. This program provides only the most cutting edge, well-respected tactics for attracting your clients and clients. In the Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints training video, we will show you everything you need to know about Legendary Marketer Review. If you want to skyrocket your business into profitability, then this program might be exactly what you are looking for.

Thank you for checking out our 7 Figure Accelerator Review. 7 Figure Accelerator is a workshop and mentoring program that will elevate your business to the next level. 7 Figure Accelerator will teach you how to increase your business value, increase your revenue, and grow your business in amazing ways. 7 Figure Accelerator Review has been featured on Warrior plus. If you are just getting started, or trying to build your next level business. Look no further than 7 Figure Accelerator. This video will showcase the 7 Figure Accelerator review. I hope you enjoy learning how to grow it.

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Hi this is Daniel the passive cash Stacker and today we’re going to be Doing a seven figure accelerator uh Review versus a legendary marketer Blueprints review all right so I’ve gone Through both of these and I’m going to Show you behind the back office what you Get uh uh you know uh pluses and minuses What I’ve thought of both of them and uh What you will be able to get if you Decide to get either one of these off First of all if you saw this video on The first page of YouTube or Google Ranked and you want to know how I did That check my course below and I show You step by step everything I do in Every video campaign so that I can get Top rankings now let’s dive into the Content So if you decide to get the seven figure Accelerator through me or if you decide To get the legendary marketer business Blueprints through me uh then you will Have the opportunity to be able to pick Up my bonuses and I will give you access Uh to my Flagship YouTube ranking course I sell this every day between 499 and 9.99 depending on what time of the year It is uh so it’s a thousand dollar Course sometimes I sell it for 4.99 but You will get access to this this is Literally all the secrets from four one Thousand dollar courses plus all of my Tried and true

Um testing and how I make a full-time Income Every single day is by self monetizing On YouTube so this is a 37 video module Uh YouTube ranking course you will get Access to all the tips tricks uh that I Have learned and tested in the trenches And you will go ahead and get access to This free of charge on day 31 after you Purchase the front end and the reason That is this is a 500 to a thousand Dollar course that I’m going to be Giving you so you will get this after The refund period is done so you will Get access to this and I’ve got tons and Tons of students that have been able to Make a lot of money as well as be able To rank a lot of videos Um you know I’ve been able to rank a lot Of stuff during launches and I’ve got Tons and tons of testimonials on here Video and text testimonials of people Who uh have been able to take the course And who have enjoyed uh the fruits of it Now with the front and I will also give You uh 30 days free access to my YouTube Ranking extension this is how I 30X the Speed in being able to rank it so Everything that I teach in the course You can do manually uh but with my Extension you can make uh you know uh Rankings video description in about 45 To 90 seconds where usually it’ll take You 30 uh to 45 minutes maybe even an

Hour depending on the description you’re Making to be able to rank with high SEO And the great thing about my extension You don’t need to know anything about Video SEO to be able to do it it Actually does it for you if you bring One or two keywords that you want to try To rank for so you will get 30 days free Access to this if you get the front end And I’m also going to show you I have been Doing a lot of Outsourcing recently I Currently have one full-time VA that Works 40 hours a week uh plus I also Have uh about 12 different other va’s That do various tests for me on a daily Basis none of them work full-time but I Have you know various people that do Various tests for me And I also have a full-time VA that Works 40 hours a week so I will actually Show you the ins and outs of hiring Firing and how to Outsource this content So you can save a lot of time and money And you know like currently I have Somebody who is making all of my reels For me and they are modeled on the ones That are ranking and getting lots and Lots of Engagement uh so I’m getting Ready to start posting all of my reels But I have somebody making them for me And I’m going to show you uh you know The steps for that as well in your Outsourcing so that once you make a sale

Or two and you are getting some money in Then you can also do Outsourcing as well I’m gonna actually include this inside Of a course that I’m going to be Charging for but I’m going to give you Access to this information as a bonus For the front end and on either one of These programs if you decide to get the Upsell or the Oto on the seven figure accelerator if You decide to get ot01 which is called The seven figure multiplier then I will Give you one year of additional access To my YouTube ranking extension uh so That’s Gonna Save You 564 dollars of Monthly Payments I’m gonna go ahead and waive Those for you so you’ll get an entire Year for free if you pick up the seven Figure accelerator seven figure Multiplier or if the if you pick up the Business Blueprints and you get the Business blueprints with the Mastermind Or you get the business blueprints with The coaching uh then you will go ahead And also get an additional year of the Extension so if you decide to go for Legendary marketer and the legendary Marketer business Blueprints and you Decide to get the Mastermind or the Coaching then you will also get the Bonus of the one year on my extension or If you go with the seven figure Accelerator and upgrade to the seven

Figure multiplier uh then you will get Uh one year of my extension as well so That’ll save you an additional 564 bucks On top of my YouTube ranking course that Goes for 9.99 so let’s go ahead and jump Into the back office let’s go ahead and See what we can find all right so first We’re going to go ahead and dive into Legendary marketer the business Blueprints now for both of these what I Really like is one on one uh lives being Able to get coaching and ask questions And stuff like that so inside of Legendary marketer uh with the business Blueprints package what you get is you Get an initial 30 minutes Onboarding call so you can go ahead and Schedule that and they will uh you know Go ahead and go through all of the stuff With you make sure you are set up and Ready to go with your onboarding call You will get something called decade in A day so basically what that is is that Is an eight hour sit down and uh you Will learn the basics of marketing and Funnels and affiliate marketing and they Will basically uh show you from Step a To step z uh what you need to do to get Started you know basic mindset and then You’ll be able to ask questions during This it’ll be a small group of people You know like 15 to 20 people and you Can sit down and learn about affiliate Marketing in an eight hour session in

One day and then uh every single day Monday through Friday they will have Support 101 which is basic Um you know if you’re a beginner if You’re a starter a newbie you can go in And it is a live call where one you can Answer questions questions or they will Answer questions for you and two you can Have them you know look at stuff look at Your social media or your funnel or Anything like that answer questions and Get everything dialed in so that you can Get higher conversions on whatever You’re promoting And then uh right after that call Monday Through Friday at one Eastern uh they Have a hot seat and fast feedback Coaching at 2 pm Eastern right so you Basically get two hours of free coaching Every single day Monday through Friday And you can get on support call and they Can look at your accounts and your Funnels and ask questions or you can Just be there and you can listen and Take things in uh so it’s pretty Interesting and they actually currently Have a 193 replays so uh literally That’s like you know almost 200 hours of Content where you can go through and They have them all labeled so what They’re going over what the main topic Is and so it has almost 200 of the past Recordings all ready for you And then also you get the different

Blueprints now this is one thing that You have to keep in mind so most of this Is focused around affiliate marketing so The affiliate marketing is really well Fleshed out uh you know they got some Stuff on Facebook traffic Tick Tock Traffic YouTube traffic Instagram Traffic and Pinterest where not a lot of People spend time anymore but uh so they Have a lot of stuff going on here Copywriting and and stuff like that so This is the blueprint that is the most Well fleshed out uh and then they also Have other blueprints which is uh you Know digital courses uh so this one like I said it’s not very well flashed out It’s a little bit of information Uh events and masterminds so you Actually running events and masterminds Also not a ton of information but it’s It’s got some good information in there To show you if you want to be somebody Who runs events uh and then coaching and Consulting all right so this is what a Lot of people do they do uh consulting Or they do coaching and so this one also Is not very well fleshed out so the Number one most well-fleshed out thing That you’re gonna find is the affiliate Marketing blueprint And it gives you some case studies on You know different platforms stuff like That but the biggest the biggest Informational

Thing that’s really good here is the Live coaching the live coaching 200 of The you know previous uh views and plays And then being able to get in here and Uh ask questions when you need ask Questions right so uh that is the Business blueprints now uh they also Have uh the marketers club which is Pretty good you if you get it the first Time you can get a discount on it when You’re going through your uh 15 day Challenge and so that’s what I did I Went ahead and got the discount uh for This and they actually have almost 200 Um they actually have 200 videos and This is uh different people coming in Teaching marketing stuff like that Uh right now the newest one they have is You know using AI tools and then they Show you a bunch of free ones that you Can use stuff like that Um I don’t know if I’m going to keep it The second year but this one also has 200 videos uh that you can go through And what I would recommend is just go Through burn through them all and then If you want to keep it the second year Like I said they’re updating it they Usually do uh two to five videos per Month on new things that are happening In the marketing world uh you know uh How to do affiliate marketing and Courses and shorts and stuff like that So uh this is a separate thing

Um it’s pretty good it’s got some good Information good lives people showing You how to do stuff uh but that’s Additional and over uh but like I said You do get a discount the first time you Go through it it’s pretty interesting They got some good stuff in there but Out of everything that I’ve seen and Everything that I’ve done with legendary Marketer the biggest bang for your buck Is the business Blueprints and because It gives you the training every single Day Um which is very helpful especially if You have questions and you need somebody To ask questions to uh which is really Good and then it has a good backlog of Information you know 193 uh different Videos so for the business blueprints The Live support every single day that’s What really made it worth it for me That’s really what made me jump in And for you I would say that’s what Would make you jump in also uh because The 15-day challenge which you’re going To get for free I’m going to show you How to get it for free with a two dollar Investment the 15 day challenge just Shows you the basics of mindset what the Scratching the surface of what affiliate Marketing is this is where you get the Real information of what is behind Legendary marketer all right so that’s That’s what I’m talking about today is

The business blueprint so if you decide To jump into the business Blueprints and Get that you’ll get my bonuses all right So uh Yeah and then uh so inside the seven Figure accelerator the seven figure Accelerator uh they talk a lot about Mindset they talk a lot about affiliate Marketing they have very granular Training on uh doing shorts on on on Getting a lot of fast traffic from all The different platforms on shorts and Strategies on how to multiply that Traffic uh really good information but What I love is this is actually the Second iteration of the seven figure Accelerator the first one had like 30 or 40 uh different videos uh this one here Has 328 lessons so I already went Through the previous one this one here Has 328 lessons uh broken down in uh these Different things here so uh you know how To get to 100K a month uh you know uh What I love is if you decide that you Want to promote seven figure accelerator Then they will set up your email Sequence for you they will set up your Funnels for you you don’t have to buy Any funnel software for it they will set It up for you so you can direct links And traffic to that But like I said they show you a lot of Different ways to monetize a lot of

Different ways to automate uh how to do Direct messaging Um you know how to boost your content Stuff like that influencer marketing uh So they have a bunch in here they have a Lot of stuff on success A lot of stuff on mindsets it’s it’s Really really good information so I I Really like this but one other thing That I really like about it like for me One thing that you got to know is I love Learning I love gold nuggets I love Training uh so every Wednesday they have Live training and you can get on in the Live training they send out a link for You it’s live on zoom and you can get on There and you have the ability to ask Questions they’ll look at your funnels They’ll look at your videos they’ll look At your content they’ll look at your Call to actions and they will give you Helpful information in on what you are Doing what your strategy is what you’re Trying to promote so you know a lot of People uh have looked at this and and Some will say like oh they only want you To promote seven figure accelerator uh They actually give you the tools so you Could promote anything that you want and What I love is that you can get in here And get a very personable you know Information and feedback from the Creator from his partner they’ll get in Here and show you uh how to do stuff and

Uh and they will give you Great feedback from people who have been In this in the game for a long time so Now this one here is specifically from The Creator and his partner now when you Are going through the uh the trainings From the legendary marketer uh that’s Gonna be uh from one of their marketing Managers or this uh lady who just uh Jumped on the team here Um so it will be for their marketing Managers uh and they’ll get in there and They will answer questions every once in A while Dave sharp will jump on uh but Most of it is going to be from his Marketing manager or you know one of his Trainers uh so I I really do like this That you can actually get on the call Um With Philip Johansen and Dan cond they Are a wealth of knowledge they are big Players in the affiliate marketing Industry who’ve been doing it for years And I love being able to have live Access to them where you know a lot of People would pay thousands and thousands Of dollars just to sit down with these People for an hour and you get to sit Down with them every single week and Bounce ideas off get new strategies and Get critiques on what you’re doing so That you can tweak it and make more Money in whatever you are promoting now They will be really strong in hey you

Want to promote our option here but what They teach you allows you to be able to Promote anything in affiliate marketing Courses or anything like that So being able to jump into these offers Um the the two steps that you can do for Either one of these is if you get inside Of legendary marketer uh I will have a Link down below where you can get their Affiliate marketing ebook so basically What that is you buy it for two bucks And it’s actually going to give you Access to these uh 15 day uh online Business Builder and then what you got To do is you got to get through at least The fourth day on the online business Builder challenge uh to be able to have The discount access to the business Blueprints all right so Um during this 15 Day Challenge is the Only time where you can buy the Discounted business blueprints access Where you can get all the blueprints and The lifetime coaching Uh for the one price if not each one of The blueprints is a thousand bucks a Piece Or or more they might have raised it it Might be uh 1500 a piece but uh if you Go through the 15 day challenge which You get free with the dollar 99 Affiliate marketing ebook uh then on the Fourth or fifth day you will get the Discount access to the business

Blueprints and like I said if you get The business blueprints through me You will get access to at least the First two bonuses and if you decide to Upgrade then you will get access to a Year of my extension as well all right Then you also get some affiliate Domination ads and email templates stuff Like that you get access to the private Facebook group so uh this is really good And like I said the number one thing for Me is the live trainings uh where they Have it Monday through Friday Uh you know five days a week where they Have the 1pm and 2 p.m Eastern so two hours a day Five days a week so that’s that’s the Big thing for me So what you would do is you would come On uh click the link below you would Pick up the dollar 99 ebook that’s going To give you free access to the 15-day Online business Builder Challenge and Like I said you have to go through the First four or five days and uh once you Go through the first four or five days You will then have access to the Discount business blueprints Foreign Offer now usually if if you get into the Discount uh when I went through you have The opportunity to get it for twenty Five hundred dollars like I said if you Go through uh and get them individually

There are either a thousand or fifteen Hundred bucks a piece for each one of The blueprints and then when you get Those then you have the opportunity to Get the training but uh you actually get The free training all 193 previous Trainings and all of the blueprints uh Depending on when you get it I believe It’s twenty five hundred dollars all Right so uh the next one is for the Seven figure accelerator uh if you go Through here basically you go through a One hour training this is actually a Very very good trading so you basically Sign up for the training it’s free right It’s one hour training and it shows you You know step by step basically what he Did from where he started to where he is Now uh some of the strategies that he’s Using and it actually comes with a lot Of actionable in information that you Can use and then if you Decide that you want to purchase they Give you the opportunity to go and Purchase after you join the group so Basically you will get an email say hey Join the group uh then a couple minutes Later you will get an opportunity to Watch the training and then after you Watch the training you will get access To be able to come and purchase now Depending on when you buy this like I Said the price has varied so the price Has been anywhere from uh two thousand

Dollars uh to fifteen hundred dollars to Three grand so depending on when you get In the price May fluctuate it may be Different but like I said if you buy the Front end with this one you will get my Course for free plus the Outsourcing Training for free plus 30 days free on My extension and then if you decide to Upgrade on this one for the seven figure Multiplier where you get 100 commissions On six of his products plus you get uh Additional Commission on this 15 percent More Commission on the seven figure Accelerator plus some additional Trainings uh if you decide to upgrade on That then you’ll get a year of my Extension for free which is gonna Eliminate 564 dollars of payments for you so uh Hopefully this was informative if it was Uh please Smack That thumbs up so you Can help me out with the algorithm any Interaction helps thumbs up thumbs down Uh and please leave a comment down below And if you decide to purchase through Either one of these links my email will Be in the description box down below you Can go ahead and send your receipt there And like I said once you hit 31 days Uh on the purchase so after it’s passed The refund period you will get free Access to my YouTube ranking Master Class course the 37 modules You’ll get my Outsourcing training for

Free 30 days free access to my YouTube Ranking extension and if you upgrade and Do the Oto on either one of these you’ll Also get a free additional year of Access to my YouTube ranking extension PCS tube growth all right I’ll talk to You later Comment down below if this was helpful

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