How To Resend Not Opened Email Resend unopened email in 6 clicks email Marketing getresponse review

How To Resend Not Opened Email Resend unopened email in 6 clicks email Marketing getresponse review

How To Resend Not Opened Email – Resend unopened email in 6 clicks email marketing – Resending Unopened Emails with DKIM and DMARC Setup getresponse review
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This video tutorial explains how to resend emails that have not been opened using an email marketing platform, which also facilitates the setup of DKIM and DMARC policies for enhanced email deliverability.

???? Platform Setup: The platform automatically sets up DKIM and DMARC policies when you register a domain through it.

???? Email Marketing Tool: Accessible under the email marketing section, allowing users to identify and select unopened emails for resending.

???? Resending Process: Involves changing the subject line and adding a message indicating the email might have been missed.

???? Engagement Strategy: Resending the email can potentially increase the open rates as it targets users who previously missed it.

???? Message Customization: Users can customize the message to make it more appealing, like adding emojis or changing text color.

???? Immediate Sending Option: The platform provides an option to send the email immediately or schedule it for later.

???? Free Trial and Discounts: A link for a free trial and discounts is provided for users interested in trying out the platform.

???? Visual Appeal: Highlighting the importance of making the follow-up email visually distinct from the original.

???? Efficiency: Demonstrates the process in a clear, step-by-step manner, emphasizing efficiency with just six clicks.

???? Result Tracking: Encourages tracking opens and clicks to measure the success of the resent emails.

⏰ Resend unopened email Key Moments ⏰
0:00 Introduction Resending Unopened Emails
00:30 Change subject line and create a follow-up message
00:58 Creating a Follow-up Message
02:05 Using an Existing Message, Finalizing and Sending
02:58 Send immediately or schedule for later

???? Resend Not Opened Email Video Series ????
How To Resend Not Opened Email With Getresponse
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All right so I’m not only going to show You how to resend unopened emails but This platform will also automatically For you set up your dkim and your DeMark Policy for you if you pick up a domain Through them they will actually Configure it for you so you don’t have To do the hard stuff on setting it up I Know a lot of people are dreading that With email sending just started in February so if you have a headache and You want to get it fixed this platform Will do it also all right so what we’re Going to do is we’re going to come up Here to email marketing and then we’re Going to go ahead and find an email that We want to go ahead and resend now we’ll Go ahead and come down to this email Here now you see here that it’s got a Pretty good open rate but not everybody Opened on this particular list so what We want to do is we want to send the Same exact email but we’re going to go Ahead and change the subject line and Let them know in the sub subject hey I Think you might have missed this so Let’s go ahead and uh click on opens and Clicks right here and then what we’ll do Is we’ll say didn’t open right here so We had 184 people that didn’t open the Email and so we’ll go ahead and create Yes create a new Message so let’s click the yes create a Message and then what we’re going to do

Is we’re going to use the previously Used message so we’ll just let this load Right here we’re going to go ahead and All right so we’re going to go ahead and Rename it and before it was huge so We’re going to put Amazing and then at the beginning we’ll Just go ahead and put like a little Emoji or something so hopefully it’ll Stand out for the other people that Didn’t open it last time and then we Have the people that didn’t open that Previous email will Design the message And all we’re going to do is use an Existing message the message that we Previously Sent all right so this is the message That we sent and if you were a little Bit more organized than I was then you Would have titled it so you would know Exactly what it is like this one here so We’re going to go ahead and use this Template and it’s the exact same Message and we’re just going to go ahead And resend it so we can just click next And resend it but what I’m going to do Here is I’m going to go ahead and put at The Top think you might have missed the First One All right so we’re going to go ahead and Add this little message to it here like It’s a

Followup okay let’s make it a different Color so they don’t think it’s a Link all right and then we’re just going To go ahead and click next we’re going To leave everything the exact same Because they didn’t open it so they Haven’t seen it and then all we have to Do is either send immediately or Schedule for later I’m going to go ahead And send it now because I’ve got another Email scheduled in a little bit so we’ll Just say send message and then it’s off So literally six clicks you’re able to Go ahead and resend to unopened emails So that you can get another chance of Them opening clicking and converting Thank you so much for watching here on The passive cash Decker Please Subscribe And we’ll see you next time now if you Want to go ahead and try this platform Out for free I’ve got a link down below Where you can try it for for free get a Discount and then you can always decide To pay for one if you want to grow with The platform thanks for watching

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