How to Publish 93 Books per Month for 199 – Amazon Kindle kdp publishing writerhubonline review demo

How to Publish 93 Books per Month for 199 - Amazon Kindle kdp publishing writerhubonline review demo

How to Publish 93 Books per Month for 199 – Amazon Kindle kdp publishing writerhubonline review demo

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???? Book Publishing Volume: Publish up to three books per day on Amazon Kindle, totaling 93 books per month.

???? Cost Efficiency: Utilize a publishing tool that allows for the production of 93 books monthly at a total cost of $199.

????️ Ghostwriting Alternatives: Instead of hiring expensive ghostwriters, use the described service to produce content at a fraction of the cost.

???? Platform Utilization: Leverage platforms like Fiverr for additional services, although costs there can be higher.

???? Content Creation Speed: Create a 25,000-word book in seconds using just one keyword with the publishing tool.

???? Marketing Tools Included: The service provides sales copy, email sequences, social media posts, and more to promote the books.

???? Affiliate Marketing: Incorporate affiliate offers within the books to generate additional revenue.

????️ Comprehensive Toolset: The tool offers a complete suite of features to automate the writing, marketing, and publishing processes.

???? Content Updates: Ensure content relevance by including the most up-to-date information in books.

???? Service Scalability: The method allows for scaling up book production without significant increases in cost.

⏰ How to Publish 93 Books per Month for $199 Key Moments ⏰
0:01 – Introduction to Publishing 93 Books a Month for $199
0:09 – Different Methods of Creating Books
0:28 – Publishing Frequency and Passive Income
0:50 – Hiring Writers on Fiverr
1:58 – Automation Tools for Book Creation
2:59 – Comprehensive Features of the Book Creation Tool
4:02 – Creating a Book with the Automation Tool
6:00 – Generating and Exporting Book Content
7:32 – Review of Generated Content and Publishing
9:02 – Monetization and Affiliate Marketing Through Books

???? How to Publish 93 Books per Month for 199 Video Series ????
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[Music] Right now I’m going to show you how to Make 93 books per month that you can Publish for $199 total now when you are trying to Publish books you can either spend hours And hours writing them you can pay a Ghost writer to write them for hundreds Of dollars or you can use this little Known secret to be able to get 93 books A month for 199 bucks now remember that Amazon allows you to publish three books Per day and if there’s 31 days in the Month that’s 93 books so you can publish Three books a day and start getting Passive income rolling every single Month from royalties and for affiliate Offers that you put inside your books For 199 bucks a month let’s check this Out now when looking for people to go Ahead and write books for us we can go Over to Fiverr and we can see here they Say they start at 50 bucks but look if We’re looking at like a 20 25,000 word Book let’s go ahead and jump in here and See how much one book will cost so we Got 30,000 word book right here 500 Bucks for one book we can go ahead and Come in here they’re going to go ahead And do a non-fiction book for us let’s See we’ve got up to a 50,000-word book 350 bucks for one book so that’s Non-fiction book let’s go ahead and look For Ghost

Riter so that we can have somebody write A book for us let’s see So we have a non-fiction book right here Ghost Writer level two Seller and 25k 180 bucks per book and This only includes the outline it Doesn’t include any of the marketing Materials it doesn’t include your social Posts it doesn’t include your blog Articles it doesn’t include Your scripts for being able to create Videos about your Book so let’s go ahead and do some math Here say if we pick this one here 25,000 Words I’m going to show you how to make A 25,000 word book in probably 3040 Seconds with just one keyword but let’s Go ahead and check this out so we’ve got 180 and say we want to make our 93 books Per month how much is that going to cost Us $1 16,74 to make 93 books a month and we Still have to publish them we still have To do all of that stuff let’s go ahead And check out and see what our other Options are now if you’re worried this Thing doesn’t make really good content That it’s already created a lot of best Sellers in specific niches anything Non-fiction that you want to go ahead And create with and not only does it Create any chapter book that you want Five chapter 10 chapter 12 chapter book It also creates sales copy for a page if

You want to go ahead and put it on a Website so that you can go and sell your Book on a website it comes with sales Copy where you can go ahead and plug it Into a website it also comes with a 14-day email series created for your Book so you can send it out to your Email subscribers if you have a list it Also creates a book description for you So that you can go ahead and put that on Amazon and other different platforms for Publishing it also comes with social Media posts created to create a buzz About your book and it comes with video Descriptions created so that you can go Ahead and make Videos and have descriptions for them When you post them on YouTube but not Only that it also has video scripts so You can go ahead and plug video scripts Into your video making software to go Ahead and make automatic videos about Your books and it creates blog posts About the book that has been written so That you could put it on your blog and Advertise your book as well it’s all Done with putting in one keyword or one Title and everything is done in the Background where you can make 9 93 books Per month for just $1.99 the interface is super simple to Use you literally come into the Dashboard you click create you put in The key phrase that you want to create

Your content about a single keyword or Longtail keyword and it will Automatically create all your assets for You in the background while you do Something else and then you can Instantly publish that book to start Making royalties and Revenue so we found A competitor book here that’s making $320 a month so we can go ahead and look At our book we go ahead and take our Keyword that we want so we’ll go ahead And take our keyword and then we’re Going to put our keyword into the app so That it can automatically create our Book for us so let’s go ahead and jump Right in so we have our main keyword That we’re going to be going for right Here we go ahead and say Generate it’s going to go ahead and give Us some titles so that we can go ahead And see if we want to use these titles So we can select any title we can also Generate a cover if we want to and then What we can do is in the title we can go Ahead and edit it to make whatever title That we want so let’s go ahead and put The title that we originally came up With we’re going to go ahead and say Check we can say how many chapters we Want our book to be I always go with a Default of 10 chapters and a little Secret if you put zero sub chapter count It will actually use the data that it Finds with updated data and it will

Generate random sub chapters for you Depending on how much information it has Zero sub chapters one sub chapter five Sub chapters inside of your 10 chapter Book to make sure it fleshes out all the Information now if you want to go ahead And take some research data that you Found here you can go ahead and put it In here to go ahead and maximize the Information that you put in your book But you don’t have to do any of that you Can go ahead and say the tone of voice Casual formal excited friendly so we’re Going to say formal and and then we’re ALS always going to put second person You your or yours so that we can put the Reader into the book and get them Excited about reading and we can also Generate up-to-date content so we can Get up-to-date content about what we are Talking about so if we’re doing Non-fiction books we want to make sure We have the newest information possible And then all we have to do is hit Generate and Export now if you want to Go ahead and add author information you Can go ahead and add author information In here and it will go ahead and add it Into the book for you uh and then once You’re done you can just go ahead and Hit generate and Export and you’re going To go ahead and see it running here and It was going to create the outline it’s Going to create your book the

Description the email sequence the Social media posts sales page video Scripts and articles now you can go Ahead and leave this alone it will go Ahead and generate for you and each book That it generates it’s using your open AI key and so each book that it Generates is anywhere from 15 to 30 Cents to create the book and you can do This numerous times per day cuz remember Amazon is going to allow us to publish Three books per day so we can quickly Put out our three books have them Published and then you can do any kind Of back promotion that you want to do Whether it’s on social media or running Ads or posting to your list or whatever You want to do but you can easily churn Out three high quality books per day Today and as you’ve seen we have already Seen a lot of bests sellers come out of This app and while it is creating the Content it also creates your sales copy It creates 14-day email sequence book Descriptions social media posts video Scripts video description and blog Posts once your content is created your Books will be here you can go ahead and Click on your book and it will have all Of the information that it generated so You can go ahead and come into the Chapters which is the book itself and You see here I’ve got a 10 chapter book And most of them have three sub chapters

And you can go ahead and click on the Information so here’s the information And then we can go ahead and go to the Sub chapters and you see how the sub Chapters are written as well and so it Actually creates all of this for you and It easily exports it into a file so that You’re able to upload it to Amazon and Any other Program where you are going wide with Your publishing and Distribution so when it downloads for You you will have a zip file and you’ll Have your articles for your blog you’ll Have the chapters of the book you’ll Have your description for the book the Email sequence the sales page the social Media post and the video scripts and When you go inside of the chapters it Will automatically have it in the book Ready for you to Go your content is all laid out and Ready for you to publish so you can go Ahead and upload it and get your book Getting you royalties and backend Commissions you see here we’re promoting A product inside the book and so you can Go ahead and put your affiliate products In here that you are promoting and it Has your book all laid out and ready to Go which is pretty Awesome click the link below so you can Start getting your 93 books a month for Just one .99 and the great thing is if

You already publish your three books per Day on Amazon you can also offer it as a Service for other people who are needing Really good high quality books like we Saw on Fiverr people are offering Anywhere from $180 to $500 for 25,000 Words so why don’t you take advantage of Being able to create your own books and Books for other people now click the Link below and you’ll have the Opportunity to create your 93 books a Month for $1.99 we’ll talk to you later Thanks for watching on the passive cash Decker

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