How to get high cpm youtube data with the top 5 most profitable youtube niches – make money rpm rate

How to get high cpm youtube data with the top 5 most profitable youtube niches - make money rpm rate


How to get high cpm youtube data with the top 5 most profitable youtube niches – make money rpm rate

⏰ How to get high cpm youtube data Key Moments ⏰
00:00:00 – How to get high cpm youtube data
00:00:33 – Tool to find High cpm youtube info
00:01:17 – Filter Cost Per Click Data for cpm data
00:02:12 – Golden Ratio Filter for CPM youtube data
00:03:21 – Top 5 most profitable niches on youtube

? How to get high cpm youtube data Video Series ?
How to get better Video Rankings & Content Ideas:
How to get started in affiliate marketing :
How to Promote your Youtube Channel & Rank Videos:
How to get high cpm youtube data:

1. Affiliate Marketing : 12-22$
2. Trading / Investing / crypto 8-19$
3. Drop Shipping / Print On Demand : 7-15$
4. Content Creation / blogging / podcasting : 5-13$
5. Personal Finance: 4-12$

other notable niches
VPN Content
Amazon affiliates
Website Hosting
Tech Reviews
Web Development
Website Flipping
Software Reviews
Business Advice
Career Advice
Online Deals

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We teach the secrets of how to make money on youtube through traffic. Don’t spend money on ads on YouTube. We teach you YouTube cpm, and how much money you can make per ad. We teach you youtube advertising cpm, that’s how much you can make per ad if you know how to use do research.

Thank you, for checking out the most profitable youtube niches training that we have recorded for you today. In this video, we will show you some seriously unbelievable youtube cpm rates by niche that has worked wonders for some individuals. In case you have never heard any money making niche referring, the concept is quite simple, you will have to find a niche that you have done a lot of studying in. This particular niche should be one that you have been researching for quite a while now.

Most agree that when someone is doing youtube cpm rates by niche research all the time, they will eventually find the niche that receives the most attention. If you want to understand how to make money on youtube, there is no better method than to have a strategy like, how to make money on youtube videos. This video will be quite the long view. We wont ever get you hyped up, so sit back and relax while we go through this profitable youtube niches review. Take some time and exciting yourself later. After you try this out you could give us a review to let us know how it was for you. Search for money making niche or youtube cpm rates by niche on google, we are sure that you will get many more different results. We are sure that you will be spending more time researching and making money on youtube.

Thank you for checking out our cpm youtube tutorial video. There are so many different variables to try if you are looking to make youtube cpm. If you are in the youtube ad cpm niche, you will find this to be an excellent information about how much money do you make per ad on youtube. This cpm youtube demo video is all about shoot out cpm youtube ads.

If you would like to see what we should do, watch our informative cpm youtube training demo, and purchase the tool and use it. We will show you the future of cpm youtube ads. So, why did we put all of this information into making a cpm youtube demo? Because we want you to understand why the thumbnail maker app will blow up!

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So you've had questions about what the Playback based CPM is when you are Looking at the big numbers for your Individual videos and so I'm going to Show you today exactly what that is and How to achieve so this is the cost that Advertisers are spending per thousand Playback ad views on yours pick video so If they had an ad on your video a Thousand times this is what they are pay So I'm going to show you how to do that I'm going to jump into one of my Favorite tools here which is writer's End the reason that I like this is that It actually pulls data from Google so if You're not running Google ads you don't Have access to Google planner data but This one here is actually integrated With Google planner data so if you're Not paying 99 for a ref you actually get Data specifically straight from Google So we can come up here we do a Keyword Planner we do keyword Explorer and then We search for whatever we are searching For so right here we're searching for Insurance now you can search for Whatever keyword main root keyword in The niche that you are targeting and Then what you do is you come over here To CC cost per click that advertisers Are paying to Google Now what you got to Look at is the price here so right here All state layoffs 194 dollars cost per Click and YouTube is paying you 55 right

So you're almost paying getting paid a Hundred dollars per click so if you had A thousand views and you're getting paid A hundred dollars per click that's a Hundred thousand bucks right so that's Where you can get to see where you're Getting 200 300 500 a thousand dollars PM from advertisers advertising on your Videos so basically you come in here and You just sort whatever your root keyword Is buy the CPC with the highest being First and then you can come in here and You can find content that you want to Create videos on for that specific Keyword and then you want to see what The competition is right so this one Actually has a golden filter also where What it will do is it will look at the Search volume for the particular keyword And then it will say if it's low or hard Competition to see how easy it is for You to rank on Google and YouTube so That you can better Target those High PM Or RPM rate per million or what you're Getting paid for thousand views average So you can get a higher CPM or RPM so You find the highest search volume Keyword that pays the highest amount That is the lowest competition and you Will make more money so I like to use This you can also use a refs you can Also use Google Keyword Planner if You're running ads but this here is Actually tied in specifically to Google

Keyword Planner data and so we can find Exactly what the volume is and what Advertisers are paying and then remember YouTube is paying 55 of whatever it Takes in right 55 of a big number is a Big number so a little quick cheat sheet On overall niches affiliate marketing Pays between 12 and 22 dollars average For the CPM now like I said you can go Ahead and Target specific keywords Inside that Niche that pay higher but The average for affiliate marketing is Between 12 and 22 dollars CPM the Trading investing in crypto niches are Between eight and nineteen dollars CPM Drop Shipping and print on demand is Between seven and fifteen dollar content Creation blogging podcasting is between 5 and 13 dollars personal finance is Between four and twelve dollars so those Are the top five niches and then other Notable niches are VPN content Amazon Affiliate content which is like a sub Niche of affiliate marketing website Hosting tech reviews web development Insurance website flipping software Reviews this advice career advice and Online deals so those are some excellent Niches to get into to do keyword Research and Niche down to more specific Things inside that Niche to be able to Find higher paying DM keywords that People are paying higher for so you get Inside that specific Niche on content

You want to create and then find the Keywords that pay the most and make Content on that to make your pocket Books bigger remember stick to one Niche And make sure that you create content in One Niche so you can stay relevant with Your viewers So that they keep coming back to consume More content to make more money for you Don't do five different niches on one Channel because you will burn Subscribers and you will make less money Hopefully this was helpful if it was Smack That thumbs up if you don't like Making money and learning good stuff Smack That thumbs down and tell me down Below what your Sam is or your RPM on The niche Channel you are building Thanks for watching I'll talk to you Later

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