FRIEND FILTER REVIEW – friendfilter delete friends chrome extension app – unfriend on facebook

FRIEND FILTER REVIEW - friendfilter delete friends chrome extension app - unfriend on facebook


FRIEND FILTER REVIEW – friendfilter delete friends chrome extension app – unfriend on facebook

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00:00:45 – Why friend filter helps FB algorithm
00:01:55 – Friend Filter Free Account Limits
00:01:35 – Unfriend on Facebook with Friend Filter
00:01:42 – Friend Filter Free Access
00:02:16 – Friend Filter Settings
00:02:51 – How to use Friend Filter

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Thank you so much for stopping by our page today. I hope that you have enjoyed our content friend filter app review! The intention of this video my friend filter app demo, is to present you all of the features inside this app. Our main motivation in writing this is to set up a clear tutorial, so that you can get in started to produce content much quicker. Inside our teams friend filter friend filter review, we will show you all of the ways to leverage this app. You start with friendfilter which reduce duplicate content and it notifies you of removed content. Next we will show you how to filter friends from Facebook. Follow along with us as we set up a solid tutorial inside our friend filter review demo.

I hope that you have enjoyed our content friend filter app review! The intention of this video my friend filter app demo, is to present you all of the features inside this app. Our main motivation in writing this is to set up a clear tutorial, so that you can get in started to produce content much quicker. Inside our teams friend filter friend filter review, we will show you all of the ways to leverage this app. You start with friendfilter which reduce duplicate content and it notifies you of removed content. Next we will show you how to filter friends from Facebook. Follow along with us as we set up a solid tutorial inside our friend filter facebook friend filter review demo.

Thank you for checking out my in-depth friend filter review training today. Friend filter review is a free Google Chrome extension that makes managing your Facebook friends a whole lot easier. In your friend filter demo, I show you how to download, install, and use this amazing plugin. We hope that you have enjoyed this deep friend filter tutorial.

We were checking videos today and we noticed our friend filter extension. As you may or may not have known, we watch a lot of videos. When we were compiling this list of friend filter extensions, we were blown away by the power of friend filter buddy. Inside this video, we will be demonstrating how to use it and the benefits that come with it. After doing a little research, we found out that friendfilter friend remover is their most popular addon. If you are considering friendfilter tricks, you have come to the right place. Once you know friendfilter pro, you will be filling your leads with appreciation. Friendfilter free is our most overlooked friend filter addon. Come check it out. To learn about the friendfilter how to use, well, we go through all the settings that create it. Enjoy this friendfilter demo and have yourself a day!

Thank you for joining us for this in-depth friendfilter pro tutorial video. If you have ever been thinking about friendfilter pro, but were not sure where to start, you are in the right place. Join fellow viewers in learning about some of the best facebook unfriending techniques. We demonstrate friendfilter several times throughout the video to give you a thorough tutorial. This friendfilter demo is the first in a series. We focus on the steps that you need to follow to rightfully access and utilize this gem of an app. This friendfilter pro tutorial will show you exactly what type of tactics will get the job done. Thanks for finding a helpful tutorial video on our site, and all the best to you and your facebook unfriending processes.


FRIEND FILTER REVIEW Video Transcription


This is the friend filter review. You can go ahead and get free access from the link below and if you decide to upgrade to either the monthly or the yearly plan. I also have a bonus app that will allow you to get more engagement on your facebook posts and other people’s facebook posts to help kick start the algorithm and get you more buyers, conversions and leads. First of all, if you saw this video on the first page of youtube or google rate, and you want to know how i did that check my course below – and i show you step by step everything i do in every video campaign so that i can get Top rankings now, let’s dive into the content now, as many of you may know, when you have a lot of friends on facebook, that is not going to give you success, leads or conversions. Unless you have interactions now with the facebook algorithm, what happens is they will send out your post to 20 people and see how they interact?


And if those people don’t interact with your post, they will send it to a couple less people and if they don’t interact, they’re, not going to show your posts to anybody. So you can go from having interactions like this, where you have six or seven people and two comments. Five or six people interact four comments and six interactions. You can go and have like 31 interactions, 32 comments, 57 interactions and 201 comments. When you have people interacting with your content, it triggers the facebook algorithm and allows you to get more eyes on your posts on your offers to get leads and conversions.


So let me go ahead and show you how i have been able to tenfold my interactions and be able to get offers in front of people with a better, more targeted friends list that are engaged on the post. That i have the secret that i found is friend filter. Now this gives you the ability to sync all your friends list. You can sync your engagements and then you can unfriend the selected people. Now you have the ability to go ahead and try this for free i’ll, have a link below and you’re able to scan the last 20 days, the last 20 posts and you’ll be able to unfriend 10 people.


You will actually have one hour to be able to claim a 70 discount if you want to go on the yearly. If not, you have the ability to upgrade in the future, but when you upgrade go to your settings and you will have the ability to go ahead and go back 180 days, you can go ahead and fetch 2000 activities. You will be able to fetch up to 500 comments and you will be able to fetch up to 500 shares per post, so that is 2 000 activities, 2 000 comments and 500 shares per post. So what this is going to do is it’s going to scan all your friends, see if they’re interacting with your post and if they’re not interacting with your pup, then you can get rid of them now, as i said, you can go ahead and try it out For free and you can do 20 days back 20 posts. 20 comments, 20 interactions, all right.


So after we have this, we can go to sync friends list and this is going to go through all of our friends. Now i don’t know if you’ve tried. Other programs like this in the past, but this is the only one that i have tried that works all the time non-stop. I actually had one that i i was using and it was always in beta. It was always not working, and this team actually has coders working all the time where they’re constantly updating when facebook changes its api and its algorithm.


So this one here will take about five or six minutes, because i’ve got about 2500 friends sitting on here right now. So you see here it’s already gone through 264

So i’m going to go ahead and pause it and then once that’s done, we will go ahead and jump in and see the all right. So it’s almost done scanning our friends when you’re doing this, you want to make sure that you are not on your cell phone using facebook. You don’t want to be multitasking in other tabs. You just want to walk away, go to the bathroom, get a cup of coffee and then come down when this is done, so that it can actually get in there and not get by scanning too much or doing too much in facebook.


You want to make sure that this looks natural. You want to make sure it looks like you are doing this, so you don’t want to be using facebook from five different apps at once. After your initial scan and cleansing of your list make sure to clean your list once a month and go ahead and look at all the interactions for the past month look back 30 days and clean accordingly, so that you always keep your list active and engaged all Right so once it’s done pulling all of your friends, then it’s going to go over to the posts, it’s going to scan your posts and then it’s going to go over to the interactions and scan your interactions so that it can have a complete picture of what Is going on all right, so we have saved our friends so we’re going to go back to job back to the app and then we’re going to sync our engagements and this one here is going to scan all of your posts. All of your comments, all of the reactions and all of the shares after that is done. It will allow you to start doing your unfriending work, so it goes through each one of your posts.


It pulls all of the comments, the reactions the shares and then once it gets to the end of the post. For the number of days that you have selected, then you can begin the unfriending and the white listing of people. You never want to delete like your family members, your super close friend people on your buyers list all right. So once it’s done, you have all the stats here. Then you can go back to jobs.


You can go back to the app and then we can go to our friends list here now. It shows that how many active friends you have, how many inactive friends you have and how many people are white listed inside the dash when you’re working with people, you can go ahead and scroll over a person’s name and you will be able to see what their Username is their profile id the first time that we scanned them the last activity that they have done, how many likes they’ve. Given us how many comments they have given us and how many times they have shared our post and then we’re able to open up their profile on facebook, now say on your inactive list. You can go here and you can select all, and that is going to select everybody on this one page. So you can go one page at a time and select everybody who is inactive and then you can go ahead and delete them.


I would probably say delete. Maybe max 100 friends a day now very often facebook will deactivate accounts or put people in facebook jail, and when that happens, you have the ability to go here to deactivated accounts and you can quickly and easily be able to get rid of those there so that You can get those off the list because they’re never going to engage if they’re deactivated so get those off the list first and then take the rest of the accounts off as well. So right here we click deactivate accounts. Only we got these here after selecting all and then we can unfriend the selected. This is all about pruning the list and getting the people on here who can be buyers and who can interact with your posts to keep that facebook algorithm churning.


You want to go through here and anybody that you find that you want to save so that you never delete them. You can click them here and then you can say add to white list and the white list is going to be people who you never want to delete, whether it’s close friends family buyers, so that when you are doing your inactives and if they have not interacted With your content recently, you still won’t delete them so that they can go ahead and see your updates and stuff like that on the unfriended tab, you can actually sort your own friends, so you can actually see the lat last activity if they had them the date That we first synced them the date when we unfriended them. So, of course, our active people. We want to make sure that we keep them, because these are the ones that are interacting with our posts. These are the ones that turn into buyers and clients.


So we always want to make sure that we hold on to these people here and the inactives. We want to go ahead and start deleting the ones that are not interacting with our comment content, because the more people that we have interacting with our content, the more people are going to see our content, which is going to give us more engagement, more organic leads And more conversions, all right! So let’s go ahead and unfriend these people. Here it’s going to go ahead and do the work, and then you will know exactly how to be able to delete facebook, friends and how to unfriend on facebook so that you can increase engagement, increase organic leads and increase conversions all right. There we go.


So we have our first 25 removed. You just go back to jobs back to app and it shows that we’ve removed 26 of our friends so far today, so we can remove 74 more. What i do is i recommend that you get all of your inactive friends off the list and then you start building back up to your 5000 again and i would clean my list every month and so after you do. Your big scan then only scan for 30 days and see the interactions for the last 30 days to make sure that you keep your list super active so that you’re able to get those buyers and leads and conversions. Because, if you always keep your list active, you will always keep your pockets full of cash if you’re promoting the right offers.


Now, if you decide that after you sign up for this, if you like this also, if you are a subscriber of friend filter, then you also have the ability to promote it. And if you promote it, then you can go ahead and get a recurring commission on it as well, and so you can actually tell people every month, but hey i’m cleaning, my friends. If you want to stay one of my friends and see my content continually make sure you interact with this post or comment and then when they ask you, how are you cleaning your friends list? You can let them know about friend filter, and you can also pick up some recurring commissions for helping people do what they’re already trying to do, which is get more leads and conversions thanks for watching. If this was helpful, please smack that thumbs up and please leave a comment on how you currently clean your friends list and how many leads and conversions you’re getting per month organically on facebook.

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