Descript Review Of Cloud Web Editor – Overdub Ai Voice Cloning Edit Videos Like a Word Document

Descript Review Of Cloud Web Editor - Overdub Ai Voice Cloning Edit Videos Like a Word Document

Descript Review Of Cloud Web Editor – Overdub Ai Voice Cloning Edit Videos Like a Word Document

⏰ Descript Review Of Cloud Web Editor Key Moments ⏰
00:00:00 – Descript Review Of Cloud Web Editor
00:01:33 – Descript Web Editor Demo Review
00:02:22 – Descript Shorten Word Gaps
00:02:55 – Descript Remove Filler Words
00:03:48 – Descript Video Speed Adjustment
00:04:33 – Descript Overdub AI Voice Cloner
00:06:00 – Descript Fast Publish & Download

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Descript Review Of Cloud Web Editor
Descript Overdub Voice Clone Training

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I am so happy that you are here to view our descript review video. To begin with we want to say how proud we are of you for doing your research on how to get started with descript. If you are interested in describing your video audio online, you have come to the right place. You can now edit audio with descript. To put it simply, to have descript, it truly does take some cash. We will dive into the descript cloud editor. We will also be showing you all the amazing features of the descript web editor. The best way to learn how to use the web editor is by taking a descript overdub ai voice cloning training course. Once you have completed your training, you will understand the power the web editor has. You will never use an other tool to edit audio online. I don’t know of another online audio editor software that can do what the descript online audio editor and recorder software can do. For example, the web editor has an amazing feature that allows you to remove background noise easily.

You can make audio clips and soundboards. This is by far the best way to overlay audio with video online. Thank you for joining us today to watch the best descript review video. In this descript tutorial, we will demonstrate how to use the app and show you the different uses that it has. This will be, by far the best descript tutorial you can find with 100% real results. If you have been looking for the best descript training on the net, you have arrived on the right video clip. Many have been trying to compare descript vs vzaar, if you have done any real research you would know there really isn’t any comparison there. Many have tried to compare the features of the other tools on the market, but whats missing in this discussion is why they would even use it. Descript is not only the best tool for video producers but also the best video editing tool for journalists. Please enjoy our in-depth descript tutorial, and absorb all the knowledge you need to be successful using it. The descript chrome extension is the last piece you will need in the WordPress site-building foundation.

When you click on any of the links provided above I may receive a small commission for recommending the item on the other end of the link. All products that I recommend, I do so on my own behalf without prompting from any manufacturer, company or retailer. If I recommend a product it is because I believe in what that product can do or be. All videos and content where recommendations are posted are for educational purposes only. You must do your due diligence and research when investing in a product for yourself or spending any type of capital.

Hey this is Daniel the passive cash Stacker and today I really wanted to Talk about descript for me it was really Challenging trying to run dscript on my Computer previously they have the best AI voice cloning out there where you can Literally just type what you want to say And after you've trained it it sounds Almost exactly like you Undistinguishable and for me it was Really hard because I really loved how It had the quick edits for taking out The ums and the filler words stuff like That it had the ability to speed up my Video clips and had the ability to go Ahead and instantly take out spaces Where it doesn't sound choppy and I Loved it but I was actually thinking About canceling it because it was such An intensive uh draw on my computer even Though I'm running 16 megabytes 16 Gigabytes of RAM and uh they actually Just released the script on the web now It's in beta but the script on the web It works just like the other app it's Super quick and when I'm all done with My edits it actually uploads the Original video and then it allows me to To quickly download it as opposed to Freezing up my computer making it super Laggy and actually really hard to edit On here so I love it we're gonna go Ahead and jump in it real quick and I'm Going to show you exactly how it works

It's really amazing now what I said that I really loved I love how it allows me To do my AI voice that sounds exactly Like me I love how it takes out the Filler words the um's uh all of that I Love how it speeds up my track and it Removes the spaces or the the long Pauses in my video so let's go ahead and Continue on the web and then we will go Ahead and run this really quick I am Super excited about this all you have to Do is you drag over your video So this is my video and what it's going To do is you're going to go ahead and Select that you want it transcribed and Then you're going to select the person That you want it to be so this is me I'm Daniel a passive cash Decker and so We're going to add Daniel as a speaker And click done and what it's going to do Is it's going to transcribe now this Usually takes about a minute and a half To transcribe and it's super easy and Flawless here on the browser because it Allows you to use their computing power Use their servers and it makes it so Quick and right now I'm able to do other Stuff in the background and my Computer's not freezing up and like I Said I've got 16 gigabytes of RAM and The script previously would freeze my Computer I could only open one app at a Time it was pretty crazy so right there You see it is done transcribing now this

Is exactly what I do here so I will come Up here and I select shorten word gaps And so anything that's uh bigger than 0.5 seconds it's gonna get rid of now Usually in a long video I've got like 20 Or 30 of these I just shot this one here And I did some pre-edits to it so I only Have three but we're we're going to do Is we're going to shorten them and we're Going to apply to all so it Automatically Cuts all those out and Then what we're going to do is we are Going to actually that was actually Incorrect so right here we got to Shorten the gaps and it says two seconds Or more I always do one second or more Let's see here all right so we have six More so that one man six seven eight Nine that would have been nine so we're Gonna apply it to all and then we're Gonna go up here and then we're going to Remove filler words this is the best Feature in the whole entire world and I'll tell you what there are a bunch of Apps out there that I use that claim to Have this feature but they don't work Very well and they leave a lot of them In there and so right here it says I've Got 54 of these in this seven minute Video clip and so it's gonna take all of These out but I found there's a couple More that I want to take out also but Right here we have 54 we're gonna apply To all it instantly takes them out and

It syncs the audio together so it sounds Good but I also like to find I go Ctrl F To find and I look for all I look for All right to see if there's any in there And usually I have some and if not I go All space right so right here I like to Pull these out because that's also Filler so we'll take that one out and That's going to save me some time and so We scroll down this one here was a seven Minute and 57 seconds and so basically It already took out a minute and 10 Seconds and it's pretty much ready to go Now I like to have my videos a little Bit sped up so I usually like one 1.3 so We're going to go ahead and select all And then we're going to come over here To duration and you see here there's the Little speed they actually just fixed This one and I like to do it at 1.3 and You just hit enter and so right there my 757 video is now 5 minutes and 14 Seconds and the video hits now it's Faster people have to pay attention While they are watching it and I Literally just edited a whole video in Five minutes right but if I wasn't Explaining it to you and I wasn't Showing you how to done it I could go Ahead and do this in one minute so you Can edit a whole video in one minute Then you can add some b-roll and stuff Like that if you want to but I'm Literally done in one minute as opposed

To me going in 20 30 40 minutes an hour To edit a video this one is ready to go And like I said it also does my AI voice And so let's go ahead and let's just go Ahead and add something really quick so We'll go here and then we can go ahead And go over dub and with the overdub we Want to assign the voice and so we're Going to sign me which is Daniel that's me I'm Daniel and so we're Going to go ahead and assign it there so We will replace it with overdub and I'm Going to say hi this is Daniel the guy Who loves Cash all right and so we're going to go Ahead and click the overdub and what It's going to do is it's actually going To create it from my voice that I went Ahead and trained on there so instead of Being the passive cash stacker I'm going To say hi this is Daniel the guy who Loves cash and as soon as these dots are Done moving around then it's going to be Ready to listen to All right so we're Ready to go ahead and try it out it says That it failed and then I should Probably retry it but let's go ahead and Listen and see what it sounds so we just Click where we want it to play and then We're gonna go ahead and let it play hi This is Daniel the guy who loves cash And today we're going to be going Through my mid-journey coloring book Prompt extension the thing is you hear

It it sounds exactly like me because I Trained it on six to eight hours of me Speaking and stuff like that and so it's Indiscernible between me and AI me and It allows you to literally just type What you want you could do a whole video Of just the AI voice and I've done that Several times and people have no idea That it is not you it's a no-brainer and Before it was super hard and took a long Time to download now we just go up here To publish and then we're gonna go ahead And we're just gonna verify the settings That we have and we're going to publish It so right here we can go ahead and hit Download and it will go ahead and Download and publish our video and Before it would take anywhere from you Know like a 10 15 20 minutes to where it Is going to just quickly upload the file And then download it super quick it is Amazing so if you want to go ahead and Check this out you can go ahead and try A free trial down below this is one of My secrets that I don't really share a Lot but as soon as they just release This cloud-based editing option where I Don't have to do it on my computer it is A no-brainer and I'm definitely going to Keep it so make sure you check it out Click the link below if you decide to Get it I will get a small Commission on It but I'll tell you what this is one of The tools that I will never get rid of

And I will never stop using because it Is so useful so easy and it saves me so Much time thanks for watching Daniel the Passive cash Decker we'll see you next Time

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