Content Gorilla AI 2.0 Review Bonus – Content Gorilla AI Review ContentGorilla Review

Content Gorilla AI 2.0 Review Bonus - Content Gorilla AI Review ContentGorilla Review


Content Gorilla AI 2.0 Review Bonus – Content Gorilla AI Review ContentGorilla Review

⏰ Content Gorilla AI 2.0 Review Key Moments ⏰
00:00:00 – Content Gorilla AI 2.0 Review Intro
00:00:25 – Content Gorilla AI Bonus Review
00:01:38 – Content Gorilla AI Front End
00:02:44 – Content Gorilla AI Bundle Discount 73% Off
00:04:45 – Content Gorilla AI New Features Demo
00:09:28 – Content Gorilla AI Review Conclusion

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What is Content Gorilla AI?
Cloud-based app offers a simple and effective way to transform any YouTube video into stunning and AI-enhanced blog posts in just 60 seconds.

With Content Gorilla AI 2.0, you can create fully-formatted blog posts that are packed with relevant content and designed to drive clicks and sales.

In addition to the powerful content creation features, we’ve also included several advanced blogging tools to help you improve your Google ranking, including A.I. content detection. In Content Gorilla AI .

What’s New In Content Gorilla AI

BLOG BOOST – From ONE video you can easily create dozens of posts with the power of AI.

CONTENT FROM OUTLINE – Write an entirely new piece of content based on the A.I generated Article Outline and have a completely unique article ready in seconds.

ARTICLE OUTLINE CREATOR – The outline helps you stay organized and focused throughout the entire article creation process in Content Gorilla AI .

MULTIPLE SOURCES – Source content not just from YouTube, but Vimeo as well and now, you can upload your own videos!

Winning Features Of Content Gorilla AI 2.0:

Artificial Intelligent Content Writing: Select a sentence of content that Content Gorilla AI fetches from your selected YouTube video and enhance it using our new A.I powered automated writing.

Artificial Intelligent Content Paraphrasing: Content spinners are old fashioned – use Content Gorilla’s AI powered paraphraser that will rewrite your selected content in 1 click – it’s as good as if a professional content writer did it for you.

Content Calendar: Keep track of all your upcoming and previously posted blog & social media content. Schedule your content days in advance to stay ahead of the competition with Content Gorilla AI .

SEO scoring (for headline & content): Content Gorilla AI will score your content out of 100 based on various ranking factors that search engines like Google use. These include, keyword density, content optimization and more.

Flexible Search: Search and create content in 105 languages
Auto Images: Content Gorilla AI automatically adds images relevant to your content inside the extracted text.

Featured Image: The YouTube video thumbnail automatically gets set as the featured image on your WordPress post from Content Gorilla AI .

Social Content Syndication: Publish your Content Gorilla AI made posts to your Twitter accounts & LinkedIn Profile/Page in just one click and drive traffic back to your site.

Social Post Image Builder: using Content Gorilla AI’s image creator you can create custom images to accompany your social media posts.

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Hi this is Danny with passive cash Stacker today we're going to be looking At content gorilla AI 2.0 but what I'm Going to show you is one my bonuses that You're not going to want to leave on the Table and how to be able to get 73 off On the entire funnel so let's go ahead And dive in I'll show you my bonuses I'll show you the front end and I'll Show you how to save 73 just keep Watching till the end and I'll also show You a full walkthrough of all the new Features from the Creator himself so I've got two options for you if you Decide to be able to buy the regular Front end and go through the funnel and See what pieces you want I will give you 30 days free access to my YouTube Ranking extension pcs2 growth that has 15 apps in one and this is what I use to Rank YouTube videos every single day Plus I will give you the three ways that I am automatically creating backlinks For every single one of my blog posts That I'm putting out so when you are Using content gorilla AI 2.0 you have The ability to automatically create Backlinks from three different sources And I'm going to show you which sources I use and how to use them now if you Decide to pick up the whole entire Bundle and save 73 off on the whole Entire funnel I will give you six months Free access to my YouTube ranking

Extension and then after that if you Decide to keep it you will also get Lifetime 50 discount on it as long as You keep it so instead of paying 47 Bucks a month you'll be able to get it For 23.50 and you will be able to keep It past the six months That you are already getting for free For picking up the bundle and of course You will get the vendor bonuses as well You get the webguard copy software so That people aren't getting your content From your website you'll get merge Articles you will get content management Checklist and content marketing plan so You will get these four bonuses from the Vendor as well on top of the bonuses That I am offering that are exclusive That no one else is going to have for You this is the front end here it is Actually now backed up by chat GPT using The AI that it has and inside of it They're going to have the ability to go Ahead and pull the video transcriptions From YouTube videos but also you can Create entirely new content with the AI Engine that's built in you can also Create a synopsis of the content and Then create new content from that Synopsis or the key points of the Article you can also create AI pictures With this as well so it goes ahead and It goes through all of the information The updates that have come through the

New version of content gorilla AI 2.0 And so this here is the sales page that It shows you they do have a discount Right now for the first couple of hours That you can go ahead and take advantage Of so I will have that discount code Down below but if you're buying the Front end it's either 24.95 one time or 19.99 monthly of course this is the No-brainer if you're gonna buy the front End right now in the early bird launch It's 24.95 like I said below I'll have a Coupon so you can save a couple bucks For the first couple of hours but if you Decide that you want to save 73 off the Entire funnel I have a link down below For this as well and this is the launch Bundle so with the launch bundle they Will have a breakdown of all the Features and everything you're going to Get the front end you're going to get The fast pass you're going to get the Unlimited AI credits for AI generation On your words and AI generation on your Pictures you're also going to get Elite University training you're going to get An agency account so that you can sell Up to 100 accounts for yourself and There's also 100 done for you blogs that You can instantly import and have a Ready-made blog already populated and Then you can just have it automated with The YouTube transcriptions after that so It goes here and it goes through what

The main offer is and everything that You get the upgrade one or oto1 for Content gorilla unlimited and so they Charge this on a yearly fee for the Unlimited and this is going to give you Unlimited text to image unlimited AI Content Improvement unlimited content Highlights that's where it actually Breaks down what the article is about Unlimited AI words unlimited websites That you own unlimited Integrations Unlimited inner linking so they Interlink the different posts that are Integrated unlimited Channel scheduling And 100 automation of your content you Can also do the long form content where You're able to put several video posts In one plus you're going to get the Content gorilla AI done for you blogs That's 100 done for you blogs so that You can just click import a whole entire Blog with all of the content and then Start creating content after that and They say here that it'll help you make Money with AdSense Amazon affiliate Links ClickBank jvzoo and Warrior plus Offers you also get the content gorilla AI 2.0 agency where you get a hundred Front-end accounts that you have a Dashboard that you can create and then You can go ahead and sell it for Whatever you want and then if they Upgrade to the pro account you get Affiliate commissions on those Pro

Account upgrades then you also get the Content you University with all of the Content that is in there that teaches You how to sell things that teaches you How to do WordPress blogs all that kind Of stuff it comes with 13 bonuses on top Of the bonuses that I'm offering you and Then you get to go ahead and check out And instead of paying like 1300 bucks It's 297 a year and you get unlimited Everything the done for you and the Agency accounts which allows you to Quickly make your money back and have Some recurring income as like I said Let's go ahead and jump into the new Features demo shown by the Creator Search YouTube and find videos that even Converted into blog posts right that's Not just it for this this particular Version we've also just started the Ability to upload your own video and Create a transcription out of it and Then creating content based on that plus On top of that we are also getting Vimeo In and that's going to be in here soon As well but for this for the sake of This example let's just use a YouTube Video and go ahead and create a post in Each and every single AI thing that is Involved is that we have upgraded to the Same engine that the charger Equity uses So we're using gbt three point 5 turbo In the back of this and that's really Helpful because the content is now so

Much better so another one of the Features that we have just added is the Create AI outline feature now in just One click I can give this a little bit Of a little bit of context about the Content and in one click it's going to Generate a outline for me to follow with This content and automatically create Headlines out of it you're gonna see Let's see what a few seconds as you can See the content outline has been created And now on the left panel that it has Taken basically those paragraphs and it Says can send that to the AI and Generated headlines to use along with The content a complete content outline Right now I can go ahead and I can Simply click on this one button and it's Going to completely remove everything That we switched from the YouTube video And create 100 unique content choosing AI so let's just do let's give it a Second again okay now that it has Generated the control for me as well now This is going to be completely unique Because it's written by AI itself and it Has to use the YouTube video to create An outline first and then it replaced The entire content using the content Creation feature now let's go ahead and See if this content is detectable as AI Written so you can see it's a 60 real And 40 detected as AI is in content now I can go ahead and improve this of

Course and to do that we can do Something that we have just added is we Already have this feature where we could Basically expand the content using the Different voices which includes casual As well as voiceover specific but now You can do so much more than that you Can also rephrase the content plus you Can simplify it for a three-year-old or And this is the most exciting one you Can add a sentence of a few different Things which could be basically a joke Like quote maybe some statistical Factor An analogy a counter argument and things Like that so let's just say let's just Say I want to add in a code from some Renowned person about content marketing I'm just going to basically select the Content that I would like to use as Context and then I'm going to click on This button and as you can see here it Has already automatically added the Quote from Rebecca lip so that's just One way right now I can of course add a Whole lot of different things that you Know that the new tool allows me to do And I can just maybe write a joke about It so basically you can just go ahead And enhance your content much and much More and play around with content Gorilla in itself now that's that's Basically the new things inside the Editor another one of the new features That I would really like to show you is

The ability to create more posts from This one big post that you have just Created so what you can do is simply Click on this create short form content Button and select the number of posts That you want to generate it could go as High as up to 30. let's just go over 10 For this demo and then tag it to just Remember which video this was created From and then click on the submit button Now it's automatically going to go ahead And generate these blog posts for you as You can see it has already done that now I can go ahead and open this and let's Check how it looks as you can see here We have all of these posts started I Just created but it's in progress right Now so it's currently working on writing It we can we can give it a few minutes So we're gonna come back to this in a Bit but until then I would also like to Show you the SEO feature where you Basically can analyze your content so You can simply click on the get SEO Review button and it's gonna basically Run a few SEO checks and return at the Results so as you can see it it says That we have roughly achieved 59 of TSU Scoring and gives us a little bit of Overview on how we can improve it even Further plus what I would really like to Show you is the highlights now what this Does is it basically allows you to Create meter description social media

Basically a Content summary of 100 words Posts LinkedIn posts and affordable Posts and all that so as you can see in This one click it has given us a meter Description that we can go ahead and use In our for SEO purposes then we have a Short summary of the entire content and Then we have the content for Facebook Post and we have a Twitter Tweeter you Can use and as you'll see here it also Has used hashtags in this then you have The LinkedIn post and this all basically And what it does is it helps you direct More traffic once you have published Your content so that's how content Highlight works then we have the this Feature where you can basically create New images using AI so let me just Quickly click on this add image button And let's say I want to man in a jungle Working on a laptop and I'm simply gonna I'm simply just gonna click on this new Images button it's going to take a few Seconds and it's going to generate the User images using here we go you can see If I can just simply drag and drop this Here and let's go to go in our content So that's pretty amazing stuff as well That's pretty much a new features that We have you decide the content gorilla Is for you make sure you click the Button below if you want to go ahead and Get the 97 off when you check out make Sure that your offer says that you were

Referred by Daniel Martin 401 225 and go Ahead and claim my bonuses I will get You set up with your account link so That you can get either the one month or The six month uh access to my YouTube Ranking extension as well as the Training on the three places that I get Automatic backlinks for every single one Of my blog posts so that when you are Doing content gorilla Ai and doing your Blog posting you can automatically build Out a healthy link profile for every Single post you have without ever having To think about links thank you so much For watching make sure you leave a Comment down below what you like most About this review and I will talk to you

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