AIWISEMIND Review of Pricing Packages Ai Wise Mind Pricing Reviews

AIWISEMIND Review of Pricing Packages Ai Wise Mind Pricing Reviews

AIWISEMIND Review of Pricing Packages – Ai Wise Mind Pricing Reviews

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AIWISEMIND Review of Pricing

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Hi this is Daniel the passive cash Stacker and today we're gonna dive into AI wise mind pricing some people have Been having some trouble checking out The website so I'm gonna go ahead and Jump into the pricing show you my bonus And you can actually click on the other Video for my review to see how amazing It is but this is AI wise mind it does Automated affiliate sites and it does Automated Amazon websites right now it's Getting ready to launch in one more day And 10 hours uh but it has tons and tons Of reviews but for me I have been using It and it is pretty spiffy alright so Right here I've created a thousand posts So far took me about 30 minutes uh this Is one of the posts that it created and Uh basically it pulls the uh picture for You for the main picture it writes great Content and it pools pictures and videos All the way through it has buy now Buttons creates table of contents sets Up your website for you and uh it has All the Q and A's has the uh videos with Buy now buttons all over the place it Has uh charts uh to go ahead and tell You the specifications and the details Uh compare and contrast on different Things and uh it has the pictures all The way through so it makes it you know Pros and cons FAQ it's got pictures it Works really really good you see here That the Amazon uh is uh kicking off

Pretty spiffy you know uh so it's doing Pretty good uh right here is the pricing Now like I said some people are having Trouble seeing the pricing uh but right Here you can do the base plan now this Is twelve dollars now there's two Different levels and then everything Above that is just more posts so the First level is you're able to create Posts for affiliate products Informational posts using jat gbt and All that kind of stuff all right so with This you can create up to 500 articles And you can create posts up to three Thousand words All right so all of them are up to 3 000 Words but the 500 articles is the thing Now this is just for articles that you Put in there you give them a list of uh Links or a list of keywords that you Want and they will create products for You affiliate products from like jvzoo Warrior plus ClickBank stuff like that But you have to include the links all Right now right here starting at this Price here 37 and above like I said only Thing changes is the links but the big Part here is it creates Amazon product Reviews Automates Amazon product reviews and Then it also hooks up to your website so With this you can actually do the site Wizard setup so it will actually create A whole WordPress website for you in

Like 30 seconds which is amazing so for All of those people who are technically Challenged and don't like setting up Websites this installs all the plugins It activates all the plugins it puts Everything in there that you need so That you can just start posting and it's Ready to go all right and then uh it Also Auto schedules your uh posts and it Syncs with your website so literally you Can sync with your website in 30 seconds It's super easy in the training and then After that Um it just syncs with your website and Then it automatically posts all month Long So uh this here uh this is the one that I have right here uh the 250 articles Per month uh but you can get all the way Up to 3 000 articles per month now the Reason why it gets more expensive uh With these plans is because they are Using some really high price now first They're using the API and then they're Also using scrapers with high priced Proxies uh to be able to scrape Amazon And to get all the data and all that Kind of stuff and do it instantaneously So the more times that it scrapes the More money it's going to cost right Um but right here like I said I've Already done over a thousand articles And they literally just run Automatically and and they do really

Really good articles So uh like I said well this is the one We just did but uh you can actually come In here you can see all of them they've Got tons of information with doing it And Um and now they just actually added buy Buttons now so instead of just this buy Now uh they actually have buy buttons uh That you can use and let's see here I Think it's right here let's try this one It's not this one Here it is right here uh this is the one That I set up here with uh the buy Button so that you guys could see this So this one also has the buy buttons on It so as you go down through the post You can have it get it on Amazon you can Say different things like order now buy Now all that kind of stuff order now so That you can have your calls to actions Multiple times inside your post which is Awesome and like I said it's running Pretty good now I've got a thousand Posts that I have created and and it Just drip feeds every day so you know You create a couple of categories and in That category you can drip feed like two Per day three per day whatever uh to get Up to your monthly allotment I've been Using it since the beta it works great And uh so right here we have for 37 a Month uh you got a hundred articles for 67 a month you got 250 articles and each

One of these is like a little piece of Digital real estate right because since These are so you know keyword and LSI Keyword intensive you have a good Opportunity to be able to rank with These on Google and inside my bonus I'm Also going to show you an extra way to Be able to help you get some more Organic traffic with these on every post To keep it automated uh for me and my Family we like to do a lot of traveling And going other places so I like to have Things run in the background so that I Don't have to worry about it and it's Just making me money so Um if we want to do 500 articles it's 97 Uh if we want to do 197 articles I'm Sorry uh 1250 articles it's 197. if you Want to do 3 000 articles uh it's 297. Now with this one here uh you could do Like one site this one here is going to Be like two sites this is going to be Like three or four sites and this is Going to be like five sites so depending On how many sites you want to do Um you know you can and it's on a Month-to-month basis so if you want uh You know you can work your way up you Know start with this one start making Some money and then you can upgrade the Following month you know start making Some money upgrade the following month So if you want to continuously upgrade You can do that but first you know get

In start it the training is awesome plus I also have some great uh bonus training That is going to be included as well so I don't know my bonus trading is hiding Somewhere so I got a bunch of bonus Trading here uh that's going to show you How to quickly find profitable uh niches For Amazon also how to review all the Top products in one post so that you can Make sure that you're making more money I also have show you how to never run Out of content and then I'm also going To be doing these posts here on how to Promote ClickBank jvzoo Warrior plus Digistore24 partnerize and share sell And I'm actually going to go into these Platforms and I'm going to show you step By step how to make a product in two Minutes or less and so you can get in There and in one day do 100 or 200 Product reviews and you can you can go Ahead and start making money and ranking For these keywords because as they are So Laden with keywords and LSI keywords So uh definitely uh check the link below For the review video and the bonus video If you want to see a full review of this Uh if you want to go ahead and take Advantage of this uh today uh it like I Said it will be going live in uh one day And nine hours so click my link below at Get and you'll be able to Go ahead and take advantage of that and You will automatically get my bonuses if

You buy through my link you will Automatically get my bonuses there's no Up sales it's just this very first front End and like I said the support is Awesome the training is awesome and you Will be getting training and support From me if you buy through my link also All right thank you so much for watching Today I will talk to you soon and make Sure you leave a comment uh down below Uh whether you are ready to get the Bonuses or that you purchased now if you Still want to get my bonus training but You've already picked up a diy's mind Then you can go ahead and jump into my Solve all your problems monthly bundle That gives you the ability to grab all Of my courses all of my apps all of my Bonus trainings you will be able to do YouTube ranking we're going to be having An automation app for all personal Profiles soon Tick Tock Facebook and Instagram uh you'll get access to my 9.99 uh YouTube ranking course you'll be Able to get access to my content gorilla AI uh Pro this will go ahead and auto Post everything for your YouTube videos With your description and your video Embeds you also get access to the 298 a Month go high level unlimited account uh Which will do unlimited funnels Unlimited websites it'll do email you'll Be able to do lead Pages survey forms You'll also be able to do social media

Posting uh you'll also get access to my Upcoming master class on social media Management uh you'll be able to get Access to automations on uh LinkedIn so You can do automated leads on LinkedIn Automated leads on YouTube on Facebook You'll also be able to get my Facebook Automation course you'll also be able to Automate growing groups monetizing your Personal Facebook profile and scheduling Those posts you will get my course on Outsourcing on how I've been able to get 12 va's to be able to maximize my time And make more money while spending more Time with my family you will get the Training for this particular bonus here Which is the automated affiliate Websites for AI wise mind you also get My funnel breaker training that shows You how I spell saved over 12 Grand Getting extra products and extra bonuses While getting different funnels you also Show you also get to see how Amazon pays All of my bills there's 17 ways that They pay all of my bills and you will be Able to see all 17 of those ways and That training that's actually a full Video course you'll also be able to get My money robot stop lose using links Training and files and you'll also be Able to join our agency team and be able To get click designs pro access so that You can do social media posts you can do Box shots device shots and all kinds of

Other backgrounds annotations and Marketing along with YouTube thumbnails This is just like canva Pro so if you Want to go ahead and jump into that you Will get all of my courses trainings and Apps all for one low price every single Month regardless of what choice you Choose we'll see you on the inside you Have a great day

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