AIWISEMIND REVIEW Bonus – AI WISE MIND Demo Tutorial Exclusive Custom Training Bonuses

AIWISEMIND REVIEW Bonus - AI WISE MIND Demo Tutorial Exclusive Custom Training Bonuses

AIWISEMIND REVIEW Bonus – AI WISE MIND Demo Tutorial Exclusive Custom Training Bonuses

AIWISEMIND Review Bonus Training

⏰ AIWISEMIND REVIEW Bonus Key Moments ⏰
00:00:00 – aiwisemind review bonus
00:01:40 – aiwisemind Bonus Offer
00:03:44 – aiwisemind training section
00:04:19 – aiwisemind site setup
00:06:55 – aiwisemind site groups
00:07:39 – aiwisemind connect wordpress site
00:08:08 – aiwisemind content posts
00:08:55 – aiwisemind creating posts
00:10:55 – aiwisemind open ai usage
00:12:12 – aiwisemind pricing plan differences

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Thanks for watching our in-depth, AIWISEMIND review video. This AI software is a powerful, AI driven tool that is designed to help marketers, bloggers, and content creators get the website traffic they desire. In this
aiwisemind review video, we tell you everything you need to know about the app. Also, in this aiwisemind tutorial video, we will tell you all about the aiwisemind bonus that is included with your purchase. Finally, we will show you the aiwisemind tutorial in detail. Thank you for watching our video review tutorial. May you take full advantage of the aiwisemind software and reach all of your marketing goals, with ease.

Thank you for checking out our in-depth ai wise mind review video today. In this ai wise mind bonus, we will be revealing all the best features that the AI Wise Mind has to offer to its users. This ai wise mind bonus video training will be filled with tons of important information that you need to know about this tool. Please take a little time to thoroughly watch this well-made ai wise mind review video, and absorb all the knowledge you need to understand it. In this tool , you will find the most powerful ai content creator ever thought up by human or machine. If you need ai blog posts, this is the application for your team. If an ai article writer is what runs through your dreams each night, your dreams are finally coming true. Thanks for checking out our demo video training. May all you ai created content come from content villain from now on!

Thank you for checking out my in-depth aiwisemind demo video today. In this aiwisemind demo, I will demonstrate all the ways that this app can make your work faster and easier. This will, without a doubt, be one of the most profound aiwisemind videos you will ever find on the internet. It is time to start your journey with aiwisemind today. There are no better aiwisemind training videos on the internet. Find no other course that covers this in-depth. Chris Derenberger will take you step by step on each module of the AI Wisemind app, explaining every single function. If you have been searching for a comprehensive aiwisemind training, then you have found the right one. The AI WISE MIND course is the last piece you will need in the WordPress site-building foundation. Thanks to AIWISE MIND, you can now take control over your own amazon blog posts and informational posts on autopilot.
We are sure that you will never find more information on aiwisemind training ever. Enjoy this comprehensive aiwisemind training video!

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Hey this is Daniel the passive cash Stacker and today we're going to be Diving into the AI wise mind review this Is the AI wise mind review plus an Exclusive bonus I'm going to go ahead And show you my bonuses I'm going to Show you behind the scenes on uh what I've been able to do so far with ai's Mind and I'm going to go ahead and tell You about the product inside and out so If you decide to go ahead and grab AI Wise Mind through me you will get these Two exclusive bonuses that you see here Plus my support so make sure that you Like this video turn on the Notifications and leave a comment that You are ready for AI wise mind all right So the first thing here is the sales Page and it says generating long-form SEO friendly content designed Exclusively for Affiliates and digital Marketers now this allows you to do Automatic Auto blogging for Amazon sites And you can be able to do this in any Niche and you can do it automatically so So far I've already created 944 pieces Of content With about 20 minutes of setup and it's Just running in the background going for Me automatically posting but not only Can you do that you also have the Ability to do 24 second reviews and I'm Actually going to do special training on That to be able to show you how to do 24

Second reviews on multiple platforms so Let's go ahead and show you my bonuses Really quick And then we will go ahead and uh see the Rest of what we've got so here I will go Ahead and show you how to quickly find Profitable Amazon niches so I'm actually Going to go into a training video with You and I'm going to show you exactly How to probably in like 30 seconds to a Minute to drill down and find profitable Niches that are going to get to your Customers quickly and go ahead and get You the opportunity to make your profits Faster and how to be able to do it so That you are selling bigger products so That you're getting higher commissions Because a lot of people cry that Amazon Doesn't have great commissions uh but if You're selling higher ticket products in Better niches you're going to make more Money so I'm going to show you in this Exclusive training as my bonus how to Quickly find a profitable Amazon niches Also I am going to go ahead and show you How to do 24 second reviews That Google loves to rank all right it Has everything needed that Google is Ranking all right it's got all sorts of Stuff you're gonna be able to do each Product in 24 seconds or less and I'm Going to show you a training video on How to do it for warrior plus a training Video for digistore 24 a training video

For jvzoo a trading video for share a Sale ClickBank and partnerize so I'm Going to have basically a little mini Course on how to get these products done Quickly in 24 seconds or less where Google is ready to rank you so they Don't really go into this inside of the Training so that's going to be inside my Training for you you will have the Ability to make a review of any product On any platform but I'm going to show You specifically how to do it on the Biggest platforms super quick so Google Loves you so you can get more traffic And more sales alright so inside of The uh software here uh we have the Tutorials now you see here that we have Quite a few tutorials here inside of the Um Inside of the window so we got quite a Few tutorials here inside of the window There's 11 tutorials so far but they've Already added quite a few uh different Added features and they are actually Taking requests from the users and Adding features constantly they're Getting ready to add buttons they're Getting ready to add translation they're Getting ready to add a whole bunch of Different stuff Um that basically they're listening uh To what people want and they're adding It in to make it better every single day All right so here we have uh the create

Site setup now this is great for people Who do not like to uh mess around with WordPress and they don't know much about It all right so this one here is auto Blogging right so it's set up for your WordPress you literally do like a 30 Second setup for your website and it Allows you to Auto post and you can Actually set up All of the default plugins that you need And they will install them they will Activate them and and go super crazy on This so right here they have create site Setup all right and so you can set the The site title the site tagline the site Description And then you can have them uh Delete the default post the default page The default plug-in they will create for You your about page your contact page Your privacy page your disclosure page Your terms of uses page and it is Exactly what Google likes to see and it Does it for you which is super awesome And then you can also uh set up the Classic editor classic widgets easy Table of contents disable comments uh Site kit by Google rank math SEO Um it will also do uh companion auto Updates so it will auto update all of The stuff that's coming in uh and then YouTube embed plus now this is a must You want to install this one because It's going to allow you to be able to uh

Index all of your posts and make sure That they are working on tablets and Working on phones and all that kind of Stuff I ran into that issue I let them Know and they added this plug-in here so That you are going to be able to index All of your posts no matter what video Size you have on your post which is Pretty cool so this site wizard sets Everything up in about 30 seconds to a Minute which is pretty cool you can also Generate an author bio uh you also set Up uh without having to get into the Settings the SEO friendly permalink Structure where it has the permalink is The title of the post and then it will Also generate categories for you Depending on what your site is about so It will take the keywords from what your Site is about and it will auto generate Categories for you so you don't have to Get in there now I'll tell you what I Just recently learned how to set up Categories but for years and years and Years I struggled with this I didn't Know how to do it and this will actually Auto set it up for you which is pretty Amazing all right so uh next thing here Is site groups now if you want to run a Little bit of like your own pbn You have the ability to go ahead and set Up site groups so you can have like five Sites that are on this particular Nation Five sites that are on this particular

Niche so when you are setting up Campaigns you actually have the ability To uh set up one campaign and then it'll Post uh uh one blog post here a Different blog post here different blog Post here so you can actually run a mini Pbn while sending out money posts on Several different sites at once without Having to log in without having to go Back so the site groups is pretty Amazing uh now on uh connecting the Sites literally connecting the sites Takes like Like probably 30 40 50 seconds now the Only thing that you need to do is get an Application password they show this in The training video it's right inside Your dashboard it's super easy to get And you put the site name the site URL And it's just the naked URL for your Site uh what the username or the Password is and then what site group it Is and you connect it it sets it up and And it's there it's ready to go so it's It's super super good uh also right here Content pieces like I told you I made 944 content pieces And it was all automatic literally I Spent like 30 minutes setting up my Categories and I've already created 944 pieces of content which is all money Content with my affiliate links and They're just running on autopilot like Three for this category every day two

For this category every day and it just Drip feeds and that's what Google likes They like to see constant freshness on Your site and now you don't have to do It and you're doing money posts every Single day on autopilot set it up once And just let it run I love it also uh Right here campaigns you set up a Campaign and when you do a campaign There's a couple different types of Campaigns that you can do So you can do an informational post then And that's good for Google on getting Your site going like you know Information about the specific Niche That you're doing or a couple of Different uh items in your Niche Combined uh you can do an Amazon product Review and with that you can either do Single product reviews or multiple Product roundups now this is pretty cool So if you find the like top three or Four products in a particular Niche you Can do a Roundup review where you have The three or four products and it will Compare and contrast all of the products Together by itself and you don't have to Do any writing whatsoever it'll have Links to every single piece it'll say What this has what this has what this Has what this doesn't have it's amazing And then uh you can also do product Reviews and product reviews same thing You can come in here put in the context

Your affiliate links for whatever the Product is the URL and it will go ahead And make them and like I said in the Training I'm going to go ahead and show You on all of these platforms here Oh excuse me how to make a 24 second Review that Google loves so I'm going to Walk you through all the steps on each Platform and what you need to do uh so That you can actually make these reviews Shine Um and then uh if you want to create a Ticket if you have any issues you get in Here you put the title of the ticket What's your Um issue is and then what your priority Is low normal high or critical and they Get back to you super quick literally Chris or his developer will get back to You and they will answer your question They'll get into the site if need be and Uh you know troubleshoot it and see What's going on there Support is Bar None some of the best out There and um Like I said I created 944 posts so far Um and right here it uses chat GPT uh 3.5 turbo uh with 16 000 tokens uh or it Uses chat gbt uh four and right here on These 944 posts it cost me a little over Six bucks to make that so a little bit Over six bucks to be able to make 944 posts money posts where it's able to Put money in my pocket so for me that is

A no-brainer where it's running on Autopilot and I can get out there and do Other things and spend time with my Family and and do other things to make Money while this is running in the Background setting it up as a mini pbn And creating money at the same time so If you decide that you want to jump in On this like I said uh it's gonna be uh Uh launching in a couple of days so if You have not already got in the launch Window come in here put your email Address after going to get Put in your email address and they'll Send you notifications when it goes live If it has already gone live choose any One of the plans And you will be able to claim my bonuses And trainings now there is two Differentiations between plans there is A base plan now this base plan is 12 Bucks a month and this is only going to Allow you to manually create posts all Right so you'll be able to create the Posts they'll create them in the Background but it will not post it to Your website or be linked to your Website in any way all right now if you Get the next level or any level above That it will do Amazon posts All right and it will auto drip to any One of your sites or all of your sites If you want and then you'll be able to Choose whatever level of posts that you

Want so after the base level once you go To the next level that unlocks Amazon Posts connecting to your website and Auto posting and that's what you got to Get I'm telling you because if you want To set it and forget it and let money Just flow into your pockets that's what It's all about putting it on autopilot And letting it go now if you're just Somebody who wants to sit there and Create posts and create a bunch of posts And then you manually post them or have Your VA post them you can do that but It's probably going to cost a lot more Money to have a VA post them or a lot More money in your time you manually Posting those to your website and then Possibly messing something up or you Know deleting something or not having The right tags or whatever this here After the base plan set you up with Everything you need to automatically Drip feed things Forever so hopefully this was Informative if it was please let me down Below if you've picked it up and you Wanted to grab my bonuses let me down Below that you have picked it up and you Are excited now as it says right here Make sure that you like turn on Notifications and leave a comment and I Will see you on the other side with the Bonus training up above thank you so Much for watching I'll talk to you later

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