7 Figure Accelerator Review Update 1 Week – 7 Figures Accelerator Reviews Commission Updates

7 Figure Accelerator Review Update 1 Week - 7 Figures Accelerator Reviews Commission Updates

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7 Figure Accelerator Review Update 1 Week – 7 Figures Accelerator Reviews Commission Updates Bonus

⏰ 7 Figure Accelerator Review 1 Week Update Key Moments ⏰
00:00:00 – 7 Figure Accelerator Review Update 1 Week
00:00:30 – 7 Figure Accelerator Bonus Review
00:03:40 – What is in the 7 Figure Accelerator
00:04:13 – Leads From 7 Figure Accelerator
00:04:30 – Commission From 7 Figure Accelerator
00:04:44 – Promotion Strategy For 7 Figure Accelerator

? 7 Figure Accelerator Review 1 Week Update Video Series ?
7 Figure Accelerator Review 1 Week Update: https://youtu.be/expfeXozUkA
7 Figure Accelerator Review Bonus: https://youtu.be/PNP6As4RW7k
7 Figure Accelerator Review VS Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints: https://youtu.be/rbXGlyaE7i4
Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints VS 7 Figure Accelerator Review: https://youtu.be/bhmoLWFyFIY

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Hey guys this is Daniel the passive cash Stacker and today I want to tell you About how to be able to get fresh hot Leads for five cents a piece and ones That actually turn into sales if you Decide to take me up on this offer I Will offer you one of two bonuses one I Will give you the opportunity to get Access to a lead generating extension That Invites people to your pages and groups On Facebook automatically without having To do any work it just automatically Invites all of your friends to your Pages and your groups or I will give you Access to a high level account with all The bells and whistles uh for 40 bucks a Month so you’ll have unlimited funnels You’ll be able to do funnels automations Websites reputation management you will Be able to track all of your leads in And out with different pipelines and You’ll be able to track all of your Opportunities that you get you can also Build membership sites as well and do Surveys so uh like I said you can either Have access for free to the extension That invites people to pages and groups That are your friends on Facebook or you Can get a forty dollar sub account to High level that has all the bells and Whistles with unlimited Websites funnels automations reputation Management and Reporting now I’ve been

Doing a little bit of testing and I was Able to get a couple of lists of leads And uh I actually got some pretty good Uh results that I was very very happy With uh so there is actually a new offer That has come out Um that gives you daily leads now this Is not like uh my lead gen secret uh the Leads that are going out uh each list of Leads is only going out to a Max of 10 People and then after that it’s Different leads so every 10 people has a Batch of leads and these are people who Have opted in who are eager who are Ready Um and I I was very very happy with what I tested so far uh so right here uh is a Option where you can get leads anywhere From 900 to 15 000 per month and uh if you want just 900 a month 30 a day you can actually Have them drip fed into your email Autoresponder through the API and it’s Got all the big ones here activecampaign Convertkit Constant Contact get response Uh so you can basically have it Drip fed in there if you have an Automation once they hit the new Automation then it can go ahead and Start doing your broadcast now with These I do recommend that you uh have Them get energized with you once you get These leads so what I would do is always Offer them a freebie to start out in the

First place like a free ebook or free Training a free demo so that you can get Them latched on to you because they are Opted in and they are excited about Things but if they get to know you you Will get better results so I actually Just went ahead and mailed to the list Without offering a Phoebe but I was very Very excited because I was able to get Two high ticket sales from this list and Um so let’s go ahead and look at it and Then I’ll show you what I went ahead and Did so you have the ability to go ahead And get leads they start off at packages Of 49 a month and you get 30 leads per Day uh so you’re gonna get 900 leads per Month and they are dripped right into Your autoresponder they are verified Um they are um You know fresh emails for people who Have already opted in to list and uh you Can set it up uh they will go ahead and Do it for you so they will set up the Drip uh feed within 24 to 48 hours it Was very painless for me to get it done Um and and basically you just get leads So now I got a big list of leads to go Ahead and test out and see how they did And I was very happy with it I’ll show You that in a second but they’ve got Packages for 49 bucks a month for 900 Leads 99 a month for 1800 leads uh 199 a Month for 3 600 leads 3.99 a month for 7 500 leads and 749 a month uh for 15 000

Leads and like I said uh this list here Is only shared with 10 people and then They move on to the next list so you Never get a recycled list you never get A list that hundreds and hundreds of People have kind of like some other you Know lead gen uh things that were out There where everybody got the same list And it it got really old really fast and I’ve been extremely happy with it so Like I said you can have it sent into Your autoresponder it’s automatic and uh So I went ahead and did a campaign like I said I did not give this list freebies Uh but 99.08 was delivered 15.2 percent opened It And 1.6 percent clicked now I had 33 People that clicked in the list that I Got and I got two big high ticket sales All right so each one of those sales was For 4.99 a piece uh so I made a thousand Bucks and uh you want to know how much I Got my list for got my list for 49 so Um you know a thousand bucks for 49 Bucks uh Basically You know that’s a huge return on Investment now you may not get the same Results you may not have the same offer That you’re offering your people Um but I went ahead and had uh one email Go out I had 33 people click I had a Second email go out I had 27 people

Click and out of those clicks I got two High ticket sales so I am more than Happy with it I’m gonna be on it every Single month so that I can get a Constant flow of leads and then you can Set up your autoresponder so you have Multiple offers deep so in this one here In this automation I’ve got a hundred Days already set up of skip a day send An email Skip a day send an email so I Got 100 days and I’m gonna milk the list For what it’s worth you know I’ve got Some you know value posts in there and Some story posts and I’ve got offer Posts of course so uh hopefully this was Uh informative and helpful Um but you know this one here is going To be called lead hero it just came out Uh like I said I’ve tested the list it Worked well I made money and uh you know For the ratio that I made it’s not bad And like I said every single person on That list is on a hundred days right now And then any other products that I get To promote are going to be on the bottom Of that list so that you know I can Continuously make money but for Investing 50 bucks and making a grand Definitely not a bad deal at all uh so Um you know I definitely recommend lead Hero I would check it out and I will Have a link down below so that you can Go ahead and get access to that

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