616K Per Month Publishing Coloring Books For Adults on amazon kdp

616K Per Month Publishing Coloring Books For Adults on amazon kdp

616K Per Month Publishing Coloring Books For Adults on amazon kdp

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How To Earn 616K Per Month Publishing Coloring Books For Adults on Amazon KDP: Are you interested in creating a consistent income stream from Amazon KDP by publishing adult coloring books? Then, this video is for you! I’ll be reviewing a software and training course that has helped me generate substantial revenue by focusing on this niche.

You’ll learn about the power of longtail and LSI keywords, and how to leverage them to get your books noticed on both Google and Youtube. We’ll also delve into the importance of understanding your audience, creating compelling content, and optimizing your book listings for maximum visibility. Whether you’re an experienced publisher or just starting out, this video will provide you with the insights you need to succeed in the lucrative world of adult coloring books on Amazon KDP. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your publishing business to new heights. Watch now!”

⏰ Video Chapters ⏰
00:00 Introduction
00:07 Exploring special niches in coloring books for adults
00:15 Overview of monthly revenue from top coloring books for adults
00:38 Introduction to research tool
00:51 Features of the analysis tool
01:01 Average revenue of top hundred books
01:09 Highlights of top performing books
01:29 Importance of mindfulness, calming and stress relief in coloring books
01:53 Analysis of the top earning book
02:02 Variety of serene images depicted in the top book
02:09 Ease of reproducing such images
02:15 Special training on creating engaging content
02:27 Importance of user video reviews
02:44 Training on obtaining free video reviews for product page
02:49 Gallery of sample illustrations for adult coloring books
03:06 Demonstration of using bulk prompt creator for variations
03:17 Usage of Mid-Journey Millions tool
03:35 Call to action for viewers to take advantage of the sizable market
03:41 Closing thank you and outro.

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616K Per Month Publishing Coloring Books For Adults https://youtu.be/iojlKX-SAO0


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Six hundred and sixteen thousand dollars A month for coloring books for adults Today we're going to dive into the Special niches that are creating huge Dollar amounts for single books in the Coloring books for adults Niche so I Love doing research so that we can find New niches to make books in and today we Are going to be looking at coloring Books for adults now you look here the Top 100 Options for coloring books for adults Make 616 000 a month I'm doing this research on This tool that I just picked up a Lifetime deal on and I love being able To get down here into granular numbers For sales monthly Revenue reviews all of That you can also do analysis with it And as we see here we've got some that Are making 37 000 almost 38 000 a month right and the Average out of the top 100 books is over Six thousand dollars a month which is Ridiculous Now two things really stand out to me in This Result is that we see here some of the Top books here we have calmness adult Coloring book mindful patterns coloring Book for adults mindfulness coloring Book for adults stress relief coloring Book for adults and then we come down Here and we also have relaxing flowers

We have mindfulness right here Mindfulness Serene and calming So one thing that is really powerful is Mindfulness calming stress relief Coloring books so the number one book That's almost making thirty eight Thousand dollars a month we can look and See and all it has is animals Sunset Sunrises the beach cupcakes you know Something on the lake so just Serene Pictures that allows people to go ahead And color it's really really not hard to Reproduce and one thing that really Jumped out at me and I actually did a Special training on this they have some Really nice Alpha content here that Shows some of the Interiors but one Thing that is super powerful Is video reviews from users and I Actually showed a special training on How to get these video reviews for free On your product page so that you can Increase conversions and get more people To purchase your book so that you're Able to get more reviews and make more Money All right so I was able to quickly pop Out some of these right here in our Mid-journey accounts over on Discord and Uh we've got here a little puppy here in The grasslands Puppy on the boardwalk puppy on the Beach Puppy on the beach we got some more

Coming out here and these are really Nice examples of adult coloring books And we're able to easily go ahead and Create with our bulk prompt Creator Where we have a Over a million variations and we show You how to use this and how to speed up Your creation as well as Get your pictures to look exactly like Your prompts with mid-journey Millions Go ahead and check it out below so you Can snag a piece of this 616 000 a month or coloring books doing 37 000 bucks a month for one book thank you So much for watching we'll talk to you Later this is the passive cash Stacker

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