2 Ways How to Deliver Bonuses with GOHIGHLEVEL – Easy Automated Affiliate Bonus Delivery Highlevel

2 Ways How to Deliver Bonuses with GOHIGHLEVEL - Easy Automated Affiliate Bonus Delivery Highlevel


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? Key Moments?
00:00:00 – How to Deliver Bonuses with GOHIGHLEVEL
00:00:50 – Set Tags For Bonus Delivery Automation
00:01:14 – Bonus Delivery Workflow
00:04:11 – Go High level Bonus Workflow Example
00:05:54 – Gohighlevel Bonus URL Optin Example


How to Make a Linktree Page in GOHIGHLEVEL: https://youtu.be/7EZxQp0EzmY
GOHIGHLEVEL Review + BEST BONUS PACKAGE: https://youtu.be/ilDApPp8GIs
How to Rank Videos with GOHIGHLEVEL: https://youtu.be/zsI1B6EndgI
How to Deliver Bonuses with GOHIGHLEVEL: https://youtu.be/7B-_vaBMo5Y

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People using GoHighLevel have been researching this topic for years. Have you ever wondered how to get affiliate bonuses for your affiliates? There are many jobs where you can’t give bonuses to an employee. However, there are perks that you can offer. In this video, we will be showing you how to automate affiliate bonuses in gohighlevel. Of course, this isn’t the only method, there are many others that we will show you in our highlevel video demonstration. We will show you how to make affiliate bonuses automated through gohighlevel. If you want to deploy exceptional automated affiliate bonuses easily, you will need to subscribe to gohighlevel. This is the best premium way to automate your affiliate bonuses with gohighlevel.

This is an in depth look at Easy Automated affiliate bonus Delivery in Highlevel series. In this video, we show you how to deliver affiliate bonuses through an automated system; GOHIGHLEVEL. If you want a stress free income stream through affiliates, this is the way to go. This method is not only ethical, it’s highly profitable as well. This bonus delivery program also makes it so that affiliates can easily get bonuses, and members can cancel their bonuses at any time. With this bonus delivery in go high level system, you will be able to deliver highlevel affiliate bonuses in an automated way. It’s amazing what technology can do today, and this program proves that technology can make life so much easier. Even if you are not a developer, you still can use this automation gohighlevel system. This program will help you through custom affiliates and affiliate details of using an app like gohighlevel to automate your workflow.

Whether you are an affiliate looking to provide bonuses or a member wanting to get more, with this program you will do just that quickly with highlevel. To start bonus delivery in go high level, just follow our simple ways to use it tutorial video. This video shows you how to use bonus delivery in go high level workflows using tags and optin forms in a smart way that you will love. Bonus delivery in gohighlevel will make your life easier, so start today!




GOHIGHLEVEL Video Transcription:


Greetings: this is daniel the passive cash stacker and today we’re going to look at two ways on how to deliver bonuses with gohighlevel. This is an easy, automated affiliate, bonus, delivery using high level if you haven’t signed up for high level, yet make sure that you check out my bonuses below i’ve got massive bonuses that nobody else is offering, and i show you not only how to maximize high level, But also how to quickly start. First of all, if you saw this video on the first page of youtube or google rate, and you want to know how i did that check my course below – and i show you step by step everything i do in every video campaign so that i can get Top rankings now, let’s dive into the content, all right, so first, i’m going to go ahead and dive in uh to one of the ways to be able to deliver bonuses. So currently i have a workflow set up where it automatically delivers bonuses. If i have a tag set up so if we want to create a tag we go from settings and then we click on tags and then we just create a new tag.

So right here i’ve got an hl buyer affiliate. So anybody who buys through my link, i have an automated process to be able to give them their bonus, and it’s also a drip fed bonus so that they’re able to get training and some other things as well. So after you create a tag, you can go to workflows and you can create a workflow and we’re just going to start from scratch and we create a new workflow and inside this workflow. We can do two different things, so we can either have somebody fill out. A form and i’m going to show you that strategy, which is a very good affiliate strategy.

They can fill out a form and as soon as that form is filled out, then it’s going to go ahead and trigger this workflow or it’s going to give them the tag which will trigger this workflow. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to come in here tag so we’re going to it’s going to be a tag, we’re going to select what we want to do and we are going to add a contact tag. Add filters, add a tag here. Tag added and the tag is we’re going to say, bonus. Affiliate then we’ll come over here and say save trip and then all you do.


how to deliver bonuses with gohighlevel


Is you say what you want to give them, so you can click plus and then you can do anything you want. So a lot of my bonuses are delivered through email, so you can click email and then you can go ahead and set up the email. Now i have it set up in here where you can select any email address any from name anything that you want. You can say product name, bonus, delivery, that’s the subject. You can create templates if you want, but with a template.

You cannot edit that and then you just put whatever their bonuses and then, after you put whatever their bonus, is you can also attach files? If you want so, you can have an attachment. If you want – or you can have everything in here linked, so you can give them a video. You can give them a training, a pdf download, a password whatever you want to do so inside. My bonus, like i, give away a free app, so once that’s done, you say save now.

What you can do is you can also uh set up a wait period. So if you want to deliver a bonus every day, every other day, every couple of days or if they have uh opted to become a client after 14 day trial period, whatever you can say 14-day weight, if you want so we can say 14-day weight, all right And then we just select what our time period is here and save. So we’re gonna have a 14 day wait and then you can deliver something else. Now you can send them a voicemail, a call, a sms. You can send them another email.

You can send out a web hook if you want, you can do if or then so did they do this? Yes, did they do this? No, so you can do that as well, but as i have it set up for a drip sequence where we are doing multiple emails, and so we save that action. Now what i suggest doing on any workflow that you do. This is a little secret technique.

All right put a weight at the very end. That’s like a 999 day, and if you do that, what will happen is that it will allow you to wait indefinitely pretty much until you want to add something else in here. So if you want to add another step in the future, everybody who has been through this workflow will be able to go to the next step. If you don’t have a weight here at the bottom, then everyone who goes to the workflow x and they disappear. So you can keep everybody in this workflow and then, when you add a new step, add a new benefit, add a new bonus.

Then you can go ahead and create another one and move them to the next step. So uh, once you’re done, you just say, publish and save, and it’s gon na go on. So let me go ahead and show you a bonus workflow that i have set up so right here. This is a bonus workflow that i have set up and so right here i have the hl buyer affiliate contact added. Then i have the first bonus email.

This has the free app the it has the snapshot it has. It has login details for something and it also sets up their first bonus training all inside this email. Now, i’m not going to show you that because it has credentials, but then after that, then i have uh bonus training every day for the next nine days as well. So i’ve got a couple of videos in here for the bonus, training and some more info, and so i do that. So i wait 10 minutes and then i send the first training videos and then i wait a day.

Training, videos way to day training videos, wait a day, training videos, so i have it set up on a drip feed sequence every single day, so people can get things done quickly and easily. People are more likely to keep things if you provide them value and you make it sticky. That’S what sas is all about. So using this same structure that we have adding a tag or you can have a different trigger in the workflow, we can have them fill out a form. So if they uh submit a form, we can say the form is and then we can say they have filled out this specific form here.

So if they trigger the form submit, then it will go ahead and automate. This whole drip sequence here for them. Now, i’m going to show you how this works so now. This is an ultra strategy, a lot of people who buy affiliate products they buy through certain platforms and when they buy through certain platforms. A lot of time, you’ll have a little box where you’re able to put your bonus link.

So if they buy through your link, then they automatically get the bonus delivered once they pay. Now. This is a secret where you’re able to build your email list and provide bonuses for your clients, so that not only are you going to get the sale for your affiliate deal that you just promoted, but you will be able to promote to them in the future, Because they are now on your list, go to the funnels and websites and i’m going to go ahead and show you that strategy really quickly. So you go to funnels, you go new, funnel you’re, going to name the funnel, so this is going to be okay. This is going to be our affiliate.


2 Ways How to deliver bonuses with gohighlevel - Easy Automated affiliate bonus Delivery in Highlevel


Bonus form we’re going to create this funnel now, when you do this you’re going to create an opt-in form that is going to give them access to your bonus, so we’re going to create a funnel we’re going to create a step, and this is going to be So for whatever product you’re promoting, so this is going to be product name, so whatever the product is, and this is going to be a bonus, opt-in, all right and then so. What we’re going to do is create whatever path we want. You can name the path whatever you want all right. If you have a clickfunnels url that you want to import, you can go ahead and do that so we’re going to go ahead and create the funnel stand when we edit this page, we’ll come in here and all we’re going to do, we can go ahead and Add some stuff up here up top to tell them what they’re getting so, you can say, claim your and then whatever the product name is claim your product bonus. Now all right.

So you have this. You can go ahead and give them a background. If you want make it stand out a little bit, you can go ahead and change the colors. If you want so we can say we want our bold to be white whatever, and then you have a column, you add a row, you add an elements and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to have a form. Now, with this form, you select whatever form that you want okay, so we have a form here now.

If you wanted to create a form, you can actually open a new window and just create a form first, but you always want to have a form and as soon as they put their email and their name in, we can have the submit button. Do what we want to do so? What we’re going to do is we are going to have them either go to the next step or we’re going to have them go to a website url. Now the website url can be a thank you page or the next step can also be our thank you page and so we’ll go ahead and go save name it. What we want save it at then we can go ahead and exit here and we can go ahead and create the thank you page.

Now. You can doll it up. You can make it look nice. You can add colors backgrounds, all that kind of stuff to it, but basically all you’re doing is you put the link to this specific page and when we have the link to our page, we put this in whatever affiliate program or whatever affiliate product that we are Promoting in the bonus url box, you will put the link to this specific page and when you have the link to this specific page, when they buy the product, they will automatically be sent to this page to opt in to claim their bonus. You get their name their email and then they go to the thank you page and then you can automate everything.


Automated bonus delivery with gohighlevel

So if we want to go ahead and create a thank you page here, we just say add a new step. We say bonus, thank you page and on this. Thank you page. You put whatever you said that you’re going to give them so add a row, add a column. We can have a headline here.

Thanks for your purchase, here’s your bonus content and then below that you put whatever you told them that you’re gon na give them give them a training. Video give them an image, give them a if you told them that you’re gonna go ahead and do a private training with them. You can go ahead and put your calendar so that they can go ahead and schedule a time with you on your calendar. So this very easily gives you the opportunity to go ahead and get their name and their email address so that you can deliver bonuses with gohighlevel and you can automate the affiliate bonus delivery with high level. So once you’re done with that, you just say save and you name it whatever you want to name it and you are ready to go so inside high level.


how to deliver bonuses using gohighlevel



Here. How it looks, is you go into this page? We enter the information into this page. It’S going to go ahead and take us to the next step as soon as we get to this. Thank you page for the next step.

It’S automatically going to also trigger any automated workflow that we had, for this particular form that we created, so that you have the automated workflow, and you also have the thank you and the bonus page where you basically have a trip funnel where they have to put In their name and email address to get access to what your bonus is for the product they purchased, hopefully this was helpful if it was make sure you throw a thumbs up. If you don’t like good information, make sure you give me a thumbs down. Leave a comment how this might be helpful for you, thanks for watching my two ways on how to deliver bonuses with gohighlevel and easy. Automated affiliate bonus delivery in go high level reviewed.


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