DESCRIPT Edit for Clarity AI Actions – Descript Review Demo Tutorial

DESCRIPT Edit for Clarity AI Actions - Descript Review Demo Tutorial

DESCRIPT Edit for Clarity AI Actions – Descript Review Demo Tutorial

Detailed demonstration of Descript’s AI Edit for Clarity feature, highlighting how it simplifies and accelerates the editing workflow. The tutorial covers how to use Descript directly from a web browser without needing to download the app, including adding files, transcribing videos, and utilizing AI for scriptwriting. It showcases the AI’s capability to identify and remove filler words, gaps, and redundant text to make videos more concise.

The review showcases the one-click editing feature for cleaning up transcriptions and the ease of applying these edits to the script. It ends with an overview of Descript’s functionalities such as video editing, podcasting, screen recording, and more, including voice cloning and publishing. Viewers are encouraged to try Descript AI Edit for Clarity for free through a link in the description.

⏰ DESCRIPT Edit for Clarity Key Moments ⏰
00:00 Introduction to Descript AI Edit for Clarity
00:24 Exploring Descript’s Web View and Features
00:50 The Transcription Process in Descript
01:52 Editing and Enhancing Your Video with AI
02:40 Applying AI Edits for a More Concise Video
04:35 Final Thoughts and How to Access Descript AI

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This is the descript edit for clarity AI Actions descript review demo Tutorial we found another way to dive Into the world of AI now descript has AI Edit for clarity which is going to make Your job a lot simpler and make your Workflow a lot faster now I’ll have a Link below in the description that you Can actually try this out for free today We open up descript in the web View and This is in beta but you’re able to do All your editing within the web app so You no longer have to download the Descript app on your computer which is Awesome now we can go ahead and add a File we can start recording or we can Ask AI to write a script for us now when Adding a file we can either drag and Drop or click this to go ahead and find It on our computer in this case we’re Going to go ahead and drag over our Video and what it’s going to do is it’s Going to go ahead and transcribe it for Us we’ll go ahead and select the speaker Tell it who the speaker is and then We’ll do our transcription usually this Will take anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 Minutes depending on how long your video Is and it’ll go ahead and tell you that It is preparing the Review transcription and it’ll take a Few minutes and right here it’ll Actually show you what percentage you Have of the transcription and how long

It’s going to be while we’re waiting for The transcription to go you see it’s Already 50% it’ll tell us how long the Video is down here on the bottom it will Go ahead and have the side panel bar uh For all of the different scenes and Effects that we can go ahead and do and Along the top we do have the media where We get all of our pictures and our Videos we can record we can add text Overlays we can add shapes and we can Also look at the templates now we’re 65% Of the transcription done if we want to See our editing timeline as opposed to Just editing by text we can click the Show timeline button and we can go ahead And edit by the time line here so we can See the waveform of our speaking now for Our particular video you can see that we Have Spaces we have filler words that are all Underlined and previously when we would Do this we would have to go through Several steps on being able to edit this Out now they will actually do the Removal of the filler words removal of The spaces and if you have any redundant Text or things that you say multiple Times or things that don’t really fit What you need to be saying inside of Your video it will actually also take That out and remove those sections to Make your video more concise and make it Flow a lot better so now what we do is

We will come up here to the actions Section we can go ahead and click that And before we would have to remove Filler words remove short word gaps but Now we can just click on ask Ai and edit For clarity now edit for clarity is Going to do all those things that I just Told you it’s going to remove the filler Words remove the word gaps and remove Anything that is redundant that’s said Multiple times or things that don’t Really fit with your video so we’ll go Ahead and click edit for clarity and it Says edit this down to remove any speech Dis fluences repeated sections and Tangents that distract from the core Ideas so we just click this little gray Button right here and it is going to go Ahead and send it off to open AI it’s Going to do the AI background editing For you so it’s now hands off and you Don’t have to do anything with it and It’s going to show you everything that It has removed you can go ahead and Scroll down and see every edit it has Made so not only has it taken out the Word gaps and the filler words but you Can see it has also pulled out words That you don’t really need in here and So it will go ahead and cross out those Words right here and so it’s going to go Ahead and shorten up the video shorten Up the text and make it more concise and To the point so if we are okay with the

Edits that are here we can click this Apply edits to script button like this And that all of the edits that it did it Will actually show you where it removed You’ll be able to see the symbol that Says that it was removed here now if we Want to restore it we can click the Restore button if we want to delete it All together we can delete it all Together and so it has automatically Edited this now we can do a oneclick Edit for our videos as opposed to having To go through and manually edit Everything and manually remove Everything now we do a oneclick edit and Then when we’re done we can come up here To publish and we can publish and Export Like I said I’ll have a link below so That you can go ahead and try descript AI edit for clarity for free and Remember descript is good for video Editing podcasting screen recording Transcription clip creation publishing And of course voice cloning so you can Get unlimited voice clones for yourself To get unlimited AI voice overlays in Your own voice thank you so much for Watching here on the passive cash Stacker my descript AI edit for clarity Review we’ll see you on the next one

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