AI Social Media Inbox Conversation Replies With Vista Social Review

AI Social Media Inbox Conversation Replies With Vista Social Review

AI Social Media Inbox Conversation Replies With Vista Social Review So we have these This is a list of your conversations here You will see the name of the person the network that it is from and the last message from the person If you click on the conversation you will see the message thread in there And then this is the place to reply to the message You can reply leave a note and you also have AI helping there as well Wow So this is pretty in depth So in here you can actually like the message heart it like it whatever you want to do You can reply the message You can label the message You can create a task for another user So you can click the little camera here to go to the image or the video itself So you can get some AI help here And it says how many you have left And then you can come down here You can go ahead and put a picture if you need You have the ability to go ahead and save a reply So you have can text here if you need to have can text reply to

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Okay so it looks like we have our Message and this is going to include any Kind of link that we're going to put in There any kind of hashtags the type that We're going to put in there so image Video article message the link is going To be to our media so right here media It's going to be to our media and then The time that we want to post it and We'll go ahead and have a scheduled time So you can either have the time for Today you can have the date or you can Print it or you can post it for now so It says import images videos and Documents and we can go ahead and do Multiple so let's go ahead and import Media and let's see if we can drag and Drop let's see if it allows us to do That so we want to go ahead and drag and Drop so let's see if this is going to Work for us I'll do this super quickly So we're going to go ahead and hook up Our social media accounts so that we can Actually get some profiles churning and Going

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