1354 dollars per day self-publishing adult coloring books on amazon kdp

1354 dollars per day self-publishing adult coloring books on amazon kdp

1354 dollars per day self-publishing adult coloring books on amazon kdp

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“How To” generate an impressive income of 1354 dollars per day by self-publishing adult coloring books on Amazon KDP. Join me as I navigate this lucrative path, and review a revolutionary software that simplifies this process. This video is more than a simple walkthrough, it’s a comprehensive guide to exploiting the adult coloring book niche, using longtail keywords and LSI keywords to boost your visibility. I’ll show you how I optimized my Amazon KDP listings for maximum visibility and profitability. You’ll learn the ins and outs of Amazon’s KDP platform, and how to leverage it to create a steady income stream. Whether you’re an experienced self-publisher, or just starting out, this video will provide invaluable insights into the world of adult coloring book publishing. So, if you want to learn how to make money from the comfort of your own home, then this video is for you. Explore the untapped potential of Amazon KDP and start your journey towards financial independence today!

⏰ Video Chapters ⏰
00:00 Introduction
00:07 How to make $1,354 a day with a book
00:20 Use of a new application for research
01:00 Presentation of a secret niche in the market
01:30 Discussion on Human Anatomy Coloring Book
02:00 Plans to add human anatomy variables to new extension
02:14 Details of a book making $1,354 a day
02:23 Description of coloring pages
03:03 How to use the bulk prompt creator
03:16 Conclusive remarks
03:18 Closure

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Today I'm going to show you a book doing 1354 dollars a day every single month Now like I said before I love doing Research to be able to get into new Niches inside of new books for coloring Books on Amazon KDP and so I've been Doing some research on that new app that I just picked up a lifetime deal on and I saw our calmness coloring book here at 627 a month now there is a secret Niche Here that I just found that I'm actually Going to see if I can add into our bulk Prompt Creator extension because I Actually see gold here and I don't know If you see it yet but I'm gonna go and Point it out to you so first here on the Calmness coloring book we've got here We've already actually looked at this One here where it's doing 154 dollars a Day that is just crazy ludicrousness This one's super simple right we get in Here and we are able to do just basic Pictures for coloring pages and I'm Going to go ahead and show you that in a Little bit but I want to show you this Secret Niche I just found and I'm going To see if I can actually add the Variables into our extension to be able To create these this is so cool so look At this now I know that nobody else has Brought this up because I've seen Probably 50 to 100 videos on people Doing this and not a single person has Mentioned it now let me show you this

This is monumental So only out of the top 20 books 421 000 A month average making 21 000 but look At this the human Body coloring book forty four thousand Dollars a month the anatomy coloring Book forty five thousand dollars a month Now there's some more right here anatomy Coloring book twenty eight thousand Dollars a month that is just ridiculous And so this is for people who are like Medical students doctor students stuff Like that who are trying to learn Anatomy and it's just craziness out of Those right there it's almost 150 000 a Month and that Niche is super small and It would be excellent to be able to get Your foot in the door so I am actually Going to see if we can add that to our Extension some variables for human Anatomy specific Parts specific systems And see if we can actually generate that So uh more to come on that but yeah I Wanted to show you today this one here Is doing thirteen hundred and fifty four Dollars a day just on calmness Mindfulness stress relief with animals Landscapes beaches birds and flowers Right not too bad it's 207 Pages it's Got a hundred and one different pictures And since it has 207 Pages remember it Has a coloring page on the front and Either a blank or a black page on the Back so that you don't have bleed

Through super excited about that and I Wanted to show that to you because I was Just my mind was blown and make more Money so I was able to quickly pop out Some of these right here in our Mid-journey accounts over on Discord and We've got here a little puppy here in The grasslands puppy on the boardwalk Puppy on the beach Puppy on the beach we got some more Coming out here and these are really Nice examples of adult coloring books And we're able to easily go ahead and Create with our bulk prompt Creator Where we have a over a million Variations and we show you how to use This and how to speed up your creation As well as Get your pictures to look exactly like Your prompts with mid-journey Millions Go ahead and check it out below one book Thank you so much for watching we'll Talk to you later this is the passive Cash Stacker

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